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Clothes for Motivation? Show us your pics!

I've been looking on the internet for the past few months at clothes to keep myself going strong on this diet.

I have always loved slightly odd looking clothes (which now happens to be fashionable) but I've always stuck to the same old same old boring items of clothing day in day out to fade into the background. In general I don't like drawing attention to myself, and I honestly believe I will still be this way if I was to be a size 8.

However, deep down, I love the more "out there" kind of clothes.

I haven't worn a dress since I was about 10 years old, so it would be a huge achievement.
My aim is to be able to make this dress look good:

And to be able to wear this dress, showing my arms, which is something I have never done before:

Wish I could afford them to buy as an incentive, but they are quite pricey. :( Hopefully they'll have them around if I ever reach target!
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Thanks Sonkie I hope so :)

And Same here Sonk. I always envy people who can wear vesty tops, as mean as that is. I don't mean it nastily, its just....not only do they look really comfy. They're damn cheap too!! Lol xx


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Love the first dress. Not a day goes by without someone mentioning my bingo wings....hate to think what they'll look like after losing 9 stone!
That's a very good idea to keep you motivated. Don't know what my style will be, at the mo it's anything that fits! Thanks for the idea, will enjoy researching what's out there. :)
Bingo wings are such a b!tch. I hope we can all get rid of them. How rude of people to comment Splash, ignore them. Some people are so unsensitive. Mind you if anyone had the chance to ever see mine I'm sure they'd say something, I just always cover them up.

Sometimes I find it very depressing looking for clothes, I don't as much as I use to I actually have a bit of hope in me now. But honestly, it is one thing that really has kept me on the straight and narrow on this diet at times. Topshop is one place I would love to be able to splash out in (given the money) and their sizes are so limited, so I try and think about that when times are hard.

Isn't the first dress lush? Its really different, I love it. I'm tempted to put it on the card in a size 10 so I have no choice but to be disciplined...but its £45.00 :(

All the best xxx
they look fab AM. As someone else has already said, I dont really have a "style" at the minute - just a case of whatever fits.

If you are tempted to put the first dress on the card as an incentive - why not think of it another way. Put it on the card when you have stuck to SS 100% for seven days. Its a far better reward than a kebab!!
ooh i love the second dress, its cute! :)

my huge bingo wings means unless i get plastics i can't wear anything like that though :(

If you can afford to put it on your card i would , it'll be a fantastic incentive to get into it!

I've regulary brought clothes to small lol, it makes me all the more determined to shrink into them if ive payed out good money!!
Great idea bluehail, it really is something to keep you going during the difficult times.

Bingo-wings, they get mentioned again. What do we do to combat them? I'm too lazy to work on them, using weights etc! Lets pray they disappear for us haha.

All the best Bluehail xx

Haha thanks wannalose it deffo is better than a kebab, clothes or a kebab I think I know which one wins ;) xx


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Hi Guys,

I have always loved dresses but never wear them as I have not felt they looked any good on me.

We have a big family wedding at the beginning of august so I have been desperate to lose weight so I could wear a dress for the occasion.

Below is the dress I have fallen in love with.

Although all my measurements and all my clothes are an 18 at the moment I have bought the dress in an 16 as it is 3 weeks to the wedding so I would likely be swimming in an 18 by then going by my previous losses.

My arms are still quite bulky but I am going to get a fake spray tan done at a salon as a treat before we go and I am hoping that this disguises my BW a bit.

Just need to lose another 1/2 stone in the next three weeks now to make sure it fits. Oh and also teach myself how to walk in heels - any tips will be gratefully received!


Wants to be a loser!
Oh Bless - thank you WL8S.

My OH, the groom and their dad will all be in kilts YAY!!!

I will look to post a pic of me in the dress in the gallery after the wedding.
Such a pretty dress. It'll look lovely on you Ruthlet! Deffo post some pics after. Where did you buy it from? I want one! Haha.

No idea about heals to be honest Ruth, I always wear pumps. I reccommend them to anyone, if you aren't sure about wearing heals you can get such pretty pumps these days. Check out Welcome to Faith Shoes they're goregous!!!!!!!! xx
Gorgeous dress, you`ll look just stunning Ruth.


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I love this dress but I've actually tried it on before and you can almost see my pants it comes up so short on me :(:eek: The material is soooo delicate it's beautiful. No good for a lumberer like me!

and I love this top too
which I may actually buy for a girls night out I have in a couple of weeks....just wondering about the boob bits though :giggle: I can never get mine in properly with tops like that!

Mrs Roch

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My style is definitely changing - I'm opting for comfort - one of my goals is to be a comfortable size 14 in Fatface clothing...


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oooh, some gorgeous outfits there girlies.
I've not started on CD yet, going to get my packs tonight, panicking a bit but excited too, just the thought of not eating is a little scary... anyways, back to the topic in hand... I have been buying the LOOK magazine over the past month or so, it's out on a Tuesday and it has lots of clothes in it as an incentive to lose weight, some of the clothes in it are high street like NEW LOOK, H&M, PRIMARK, and more expensive shops too but it's full of the up to date fashion.


Wants to be a loser!
I got my dress from debenhams - it is part of their debut range. At £90 it is a bit pricey but I just love it so much.

I think I will be both very sad and very happy when I slim out of it! But as a friend mentioned to me when I said this to her when I am at goal if they still do the dress I could buy a new one or failing that see if I can get mine taken in.

As for getting into a size 14 in fatface - I am aiming just to fit in something in their ladies range :p - same with ye olde topshop.

Saying that though I did buy a couple of nice tops in H&M on the weekend - first time I have been able to get something in their non plus size section in this decade :eek:
I really hope when you get down to the next size they can take it in for you. Its a gorgeous dress, and looks more pricey than £90 ;)

Hope you have a lovely time Ruthlet!

I also managed to buy a couple of tops recently for the first time in the non plus sizes, its weird isn't it?!! Lol. Would just be so nice to get into Topshop clothes...one of my many dreams.

With persistance we will all get there.

Any more pics anyone? Having a hard time with things at the mo, love looking at pics etc on here, cheers me up :) keep 'em coming xxx

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