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Clothes Shopping.

At the start of this diet I bought a T-shirt in XL as that was the size I wanted to get down to. On sunday I finally put it on an it fit :). This was another great milestone, can't wait to actually shop in normal places now. No more high n mighty for me.

Who else has started to buy some new clothes, or has that 1 thing they want to get back into?
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Back on the diet train...
aww that gr8 hun!!! :D. im not buyin anythin but ive got bags of clothes in different sizes that im aimin 4. ;)

i feel fab just avin my clothes baggier so u must b really proud. well done!



Here we go again!
Well done Justice, you must feel so good about that and rightly so! Your losses have been amazing.

I too have lots of clothes ranging from a size 22 to a 12 that I am aiming for. Trying not to buy too much at the mo cos I know I wont be in them for long.

For me it's always the size 14 jeans that are my target, how I love to wear them!


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Wow you must feel brilliant.....as I lost the weight it took a while for my head to catch up......I was still walking round in my tents looking a right ole state.....until someone said you need smaller sized clothes......I just didnt think of it.....

Well done you xx
Hey there Justice

Good for you. What a feeling eh!!!

I am not shopping yet as havent lost enough. Anyway I think I will find a whole new wardrobe of things that havent fitted me in a long time hanging up right under my nose. But I am going to treat myself to something nice when I get down lower

Keep it up Justice you are doing fab
Well done hun - what a great feeling! I have tried on some jeans that didn't even do up and now they fit and look great! I also need to get my head around clothes as I keep going for my big stuff and looking a state (like today when I look like a gangsta my jeans are so baggy!)

Can't wait to be able to shop in "normal" shops - anyone in Manchester fancy a shopping spree in, say, 9 months?! xxx


Back on the diet train...
im game!!! lol. i cant wait 2 shop in the normal sections not the fat uns. like inspire at new look, nice stuff but i cant wait 2 say goodbye!! ;)
Oh I can't wait for the day that I can replace my whole wardrobe for under £100 at Primark! I know that sounds totally daft - but I am always so jealous of my friends who can get a whole new outfit for a few quid, and if it gets ruined they don't care as they can replace it with another outfit for about a tenner! I'm fed up of jeans always costing more than £25 be in it New Look Inspire or even more in Evans. Bring on the day I can wear funky tops without feeling like I'm in a tent! Wheeeeeee!

Bex - I'll hold you to that! x
Well I have just cleared out my whole wardrobe ready for the charity shop. I have thrown out all the 24's, 22's and most of the 20's. Well, those that fall to the floor! I have bought a few 18's to see me over my holiday next week and for the next 6 weeks I suppose, but I have bought a few size 16 bits. I have them hanging up in my dressing room all ready. It's such a fantastic feeling. I know you don't want to spend money on a size that you won't be in for long but i think it's worth getting a few bits that are better fitting as I found that the baggy clothes made me feel fat and frumpy. I would love to buy size 14 but I can't imagine that far ahead yet - but I dare to dream! Good luck guys, you all amaze and inspire me every single day. xXx

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