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Clothes, what kind do you wear?


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Sounds a silly question and i'm not a weirdo honest. But being a size 20 I am finding that all I can ever dare top wear is jeans and a top and I am bored and don't feel glam ever:sigh:

I saw some lovely dress/top things is Asda the other day, you wear leggings underneath, but I daren't even try the leggings on as I can just imagine how hideous I would look in them. I never wear skirts or dresses anymore, just constantly in jeans and if I am honest mostly black tops too.

Do you find yourself doing the same?
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Peacocks is very good :)

I think its difficult, i would have never dared were leggings untill now.. the problem is i never experimented whilst i was loosing weight.. so now im here, a size ten, and still struggle to find the confidence to wear more 'exciting' things. Leggings is as experimental as i get atm, and getting me away from black is a nightmare. Its not that i cant find things to wear, its that when it comes to the crunch time.. wearing them out without giving it a second thought, i just cant do it. Just feel too self concious.

My only advise would be, you dont know till you try it on.. and i think you should enjoy the 'journey' and enjoy the new changes, rather than focusing on what youl do when you get to target. i always said ' when im a size 12' (that was my orginal goal) il do this and il do that.. be able to wear this and be able to wear that.. and now im a size ten? i dont.. because i didnt give myself a chance to ajust! xxx
I'm a size 10 but notice now these are getting too big. So I've bought some size 8 clothes off ebay. I'd love to wear dresses but don't as my hips are not in proption to my waist & it doesn't matter what other people think I just think it looks wrong. I tend to stick to skirts/trousers & shorts. But I don't wear anything too short, just me & how I am:confused:

On the legging thing, yes wear something which covers your bottom, at WI this week a woman wore leggings & waist high t-shirt, not a pleasant sight.

I think it all depends on how confident you feel about what you are wearing not what size you are. Go to the shop pick up what you fancy & go try them on, you might be surprised how good you look:D


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There is NO reason not to feel glam just because you've got some curves to boot. I have found my confidence taking a nose dive recently with the weight gain that's happened but every so often I feel that I'll make the effort and I'll buy a nice outfit. I know the weightloss won't happen over night so I will go and buy a few nice items in size 20.

I've had a gander online, what do you think of some of these? I don't know what your tastes are but SimplyBe has a nice range of flattering dresses. Even if you plan to lose weight and don't want to spend a fortune on dresses just try the high street. You deserve to be/feel glam even at a bigger size if only temporary (I don't intend on being a Size 20 forever!!).

Vintage Beaded Dress Length 45in | Simply Be I'd wear this dress with a small bolero cardigan personally.


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Get yourself on ebay and spend very little on a whole new wardrobe! I now live in monsoon and per una clothes and have never spent so little. Then you sell them as your weight goes down and you can spend again!!!!!!!!! Wonderful!!!!!!!


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i cant believe how much i have changed, my OH has noticed too. When i was 16/18 i only wore jeans an tshirts. now im a 12/14 and hardly ever wear jeans and tshirts. i wear lots of leggings and dresses, as i just feel so much better! My aim is loose another stone, so i can wear shorts on holiday without my leggings. :]]


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I am a snug size 18 and love my leggings (and wore them at size 20!)....to be honest, i dont think anyone notices me, so whether i wear polka dot hotpants or jeans, i think inside i worry more what people think, but the reality of it is that nobody really gives a hoot!

Good luck to you - get some leggings! i got mine from Next - £8 a pair...bargain! xxx
I wear trousers alot have light grey trousers and a brown vest top long in a silk fabric and a purple short cardie goes nice eve though it doesn't sound it. hit your local libary and get a what not to wear book or even gok ours have both


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I always used to wear jeans, trousers and skirts with loose tops to hide the bulges and would never dare to wear leggings until I got to my target.
Now I wear legging more than anything else but still wear longer tops with them, as I think they look more flattering.
On the whole my clothes have now got more tight fitting and I now find that loose and baggy clothes are not flattering and make me look larger.


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I wear skirts, tops, and sweaters - I have really short legs and could never get a decent look with trousers, so I haven't worn them for years, I find dresses always drag the floor too, they are far too long, (I'm 4' 11") so I stick to my skirts and tops, and I have had some good bargains off eBay over the years too.


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On the whole my clothes have now got more tight fitting and I now find that loose and baggy clothes are not flattering and make me look larger.
Me too! If I try stuff on in shops my OH often tells me it's not close fitting enough on the waist. Which is a result, as you'd have struggled to find my waist before :D


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I'm a size 16 bottom and still an 18 top - I wear jeans and long tops mostly - boot cut jeans with a bit of a heel - and for work it the usually black bootcut trousers with long tops. I have a couple of things that are a bit closer fitting and people do comment on the weight loss when I wear them but I still have that big roll around my midriff when I sit down so prefer looser tops.

I really fancied the dress over leggings look but my knees are just too chunky!


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I did get into a real jeans rut but now I'm down to a size 16 (my aim is a size 12!) I have ventured out of my comfort zone and invested in a pair of jeggings and I'm pleased as punch with them (wearing wedge sandals to give me height so my legs look more shapely than they actually are!!LOL!) I have to wear longish tops though- the world is nowhere near ready to see the tops of my thighs and definitely not my derriere!! I think it's good to try on a few things you wouldn't necessarily normally wear and just see what you think! If in doubt, take an honest friend with you!!X
I live in leggings and have done since i was 6 months pregnant so near enough 9 months now lol! However i am getting abit fedup now and would love to wear jeans again but hate how i look in them. So hopefully thats my goal to wear jeans again x


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I am a size 18 and I live in jeggings (I know I shouldn't but they are sooo comfy). I always wear them with a short dress/long top type thing. I love dresses too and wear them with tights and a cardigan but dreading the warm weather because I don't dare take my cardi off so I boil all summer!
I'm going to sign up to SW online when I get paid on Friday so hopefully I'll be able to take the cardi's off soon then maybe the tights.. haha :D

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