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Clothing sizes-Thinking ahead


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Hi all, I feel I'm still on a roll and clothes already feel looser (Day 11).Can anyone advise how quickly they went down dress sizes?I do have some smaller clothes that I wore when I lost weight previously,but nothing less than a 16!I doubt I'll have to ge ebaying soon.What did you all do when the weight started to come off?
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Blonde Logic

Yes. You can.
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Firstly I got back into my old clothes. Then I started buying from Charity shops or EBAY only - no point at all buying brand new as you will go out of them so fast.
I created a system of staged sizes. Current, next size down and then a size down from that. I kept two large plastic bins at the foot of my bed which I filled with the smaller sizes...sort of a staging area. :D

Then each week I would try on stuff in the closet and set aside what got to big, then worked through my bins. shifting from one to the next as the sizes either fit or got closer.

It was so fun, it was always a surprise seeing what went on next and seeing what I thought might never fit move closer to the next "stage". It was very satisfying and motivating.


I found GREAT clothes in the charity shops. Next, Per Una, Karen Millen, Liz Claiborn, etc., for a mere few quid, and all pretty current, so I basically replaced my entire wardrobe on the cheap. Got a lot from EBAY as well.

Have fun!!
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With you on the ebay/charity shop thing BL.. In fact I'm sure the things I have got from ebay and charity shops get far more compliments than my usual stuff! hehe. So cheap too.

I have heard the general rule of thumb is 1 stone lost = one size down, but the beauty of being human is that we are all individuals so this is different for different people. On this diet you roughly lose 1 stone a month. So, a very rough guestimate is 1 size per month.


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Yes, I agree - I lost approximately a dress size per month. Started off as a size 18 bottoms (getting very tight just before LL) and 20 top, and am now in a size 10 bottom and 12 top.

It's amazing how quickly you go through whole wardrobe changes - but don't do what I did and completely bypass a load of clothes because you think you still won't fit in them, only to put them on and they are massive on you - BL's system sounds good!


I Can Do This!
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I've been going 8 weeks and only just moved down a size in trousers. I still wear my old tops, but they are baggy instead of being tight and pulling. I still hide under big fleeces too :eek:. My sisters wedding is in 6 weeks and I hope to be down a further size by then, but no idea what I might wear yet.

I like BLs processing area idea. Might employ that as I have a wardrobe waiting for the next size down or two.
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I buy from the charity shops and look in the sales for clothes (with BL on this one)
I've come down from a size 30 to a size 18 in 6 months.


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When I did the group meetings last time, there was an awful lot of clothes swapping going on then too. Perhaps you could suggest some of that?

I've found, as has been said before, I'm changing shape a different way this time. I found a belt last week that I last wore on my honeymoon when I was a stone lighter but I can do it up 2 notches tighter already.

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