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Clothing sizes??


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I was just wondering which brand of clothing is actually correct when it comes to sizing?? You could be a 16 in one place a 14 or a 12 in another... so which places are actually more accurate??

The reason I asked is because my New Look size 16's are getting a little baggy, yet my Next jeans are just going up!

How do you all find the sizes in different shops??

(Forgive me, I am unwell and have nothing else to do! lol) xxx
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Sizings are all over the place at the moment, its really depends on where you shop. I get a lot of my clothing from Sainsburys and Tesco as I find they are much more affordable and better sizings.


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Yeah I got some jeans from Sainsbury's and they are far too big in a 16 now, but the Next ones look SO much smaller, it's silly. I wish they jst had this size is this, that size is that, and everyone stuck to it!! lol x
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Anything branded always comes up smaller and twice the price!
Someone seriously needs to make a 'in between' clothing size shop! Im hovering at a size 11 right now lol.


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i think im hovering on an 11 to i tend to shop at next cause i think there things are good value for money and wash and wear well


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I find my Next 16s are getting a bit lose, yet DPs fit fine, cant get New Look 16s on without looking like Im cutting myself in half! maye it depends where you carry your weight? x


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I think there's a lot of the old vanity sizing around. It's just a shame that a lot of women are more likely to buy a garment just because it has some magical number on the label! I think the most generous sizes (totally ridiculous, really) are in M&S, Dorothy Perkins, and Next. I think that Topshop and Miss Selfridge run true to the actual official size measurements, particularly Topshop. I've seen size 10 garments in M&S that are actually larger than a 14 in Topshop!


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I've had problems recently as well. In Evans, a size 28 won't come close to fitting me in spite of the fact that I've lost over 3 and a half stone now since I bought my last pair of 28s.
However, I'm wearing a size 26 from Yours which are starting to feel a little big now...and yet all other size 28s in any other shop don't come close.
Very odd and somewhat disheartening.
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I find Asdas' George clothes are quite good on the fitting as well as on the actual size. Somebody should look into the sizes though and try and standadise them. Its the same in shoes, I can be anything from a 5 to a 7 now and always used to be a 41/2 to a 5.
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^ agreed.

Iv got a size 10 pair of jeans from dotty p's.. which fit perfect and are so comfy, yet, i bought the exact same pair of trousers, in the same size, style and length.. and i cant even get them over my ass!? .. so now my question is, wrong label.. or was i a bit to eager to cram my bum in a size 10 to start with, and have just stretched em out!? LOL


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lol. definitely agree that they should be standardised. I have had the issue with sizes where two identical ones have been completely different fits. Gr! x


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I like George clothes, they are generously sized, but wherever I go I take a tape measure with me so I don't have to take things back. (we live 30 miles from decent shops)
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yeah I like george...especially as I just got in their size 14's...silly I know but it made me happy! but I totally agree with you all on sizes...suppose it's hard to standardise because everyone is built differently..it is a pain having to trail around all the different shops!


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I get most of my stuff from ebay as I don't want to spend alot as I'm losing. Plus I couldn't afford to kit myself out in new stuff from Monsoon!


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This frustrates me too. I like to order from the internet but I have to order in several different sizes because what would fit me in a size 14 in one item would only fit me in a 16 in another item.

I get a lot of my clothes from Next where I'm a 12 in most of the jeans and trousers and a 16 in tops. But if I go to George I'm a 14 in trousers and tops :sigh: . I have work trousers from Primark that are a roomy size 14 and another pair that are from River Island and they're a tight size 16.

My mum bought me a top a couple of years ago in a size 20 when I was a size 20. I'm now between a 14/16 and the top is still too small for me :rolleyes:

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