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Club 10


I ♥ Slimming World :)
Some classes give a certificat e- I've never had one though at any of mine.

Also if you lose more or keep the weight off for 10 weeks you get a free WI.
Oh and I've never had a certificate for SOTW/M either - and i've attended 3 different classes with three different SWC!


Lover of Extra Easy
I got a certificate for club 10 in class with my sticker, plus a letter from head office a few days later with the voucher for the free week once the 10 weeks is up.
In our class they give all the certificates out, in class wile our C reads the losses. That's for weight loss SOTW, club 10 etc.
With SOTW she takes back the certificate and puts it on a board for a month and then you get it back. As SOTW you also get a fridge magnet with an inspirational verse on it as well as the usual fruit.
God, I've never had anything! Especially not from Head Office!
y(our) consultant won't give you a certificate for this Dave!!!

However, you will get a voucher for your free week in the post which you can use later on if you keep the weight off.

Well done!


I ♥ Slimming World :)
I look forward to receiving that through the post, and I will most certainly be lower weight in ten weeks - I'll be well on the way to reaching Club 20 :)

And well done to anyone who spotted this thread was just a shameless brag for me getting to Club 10 haha
Hey why not! You've earned it! Shame there isn't a Club 20! We shoudl create our own :rotflmao: I'm aiming in total for Club 43!

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