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Club 10

I just wanted to say Well done! I am aiming for Club Ten myself as I think it's a health-related achievement and a great milestone on your journey.
someone might correct me but I was under the impression that you get a week free now......
Congrats again! x


Never gets tired of SW!
Well done Meli!! That is a big achievement and they say that losing 10% helps to reduce many health risks of being overweight (diabetes, raised BP, cholesterol, liver problems, breathing problems, thrombosis, etc etc). You must feel more energetic and healthy and must have gone down a dress size!! I'm 4lb away from club 10 and really can't wait!!X


Lover of Extra Easy
You should have received a certificate and sticker and will receive a letter from SW with a voucher for a free class if you STS or loose more in 10 weeks.
I will have to ask at my next WI on Monday as I didn't receive anything. Congrats to all the others who acheived the Club 10 or close to it! Definately feel much better -energy levels have increased and dropped almost 2 dress sizes- so feeling over the moon!
I got a sticker and today have received my letter from SW with the voucher for a free class if I keep it off - can't use it till 3rd March, but I WILL keep it off!:D

Well done Meli x
Well done Im really looking forward to that milestone, I think it is a great achievement

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