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club feedback?

Hi, I am new here, I wanted to know how the classes are like please tell us your feedback? I am in two minds to join a club or the online one as it is too expensive to join the club but I need the motivation. I did RC on my own before and went from size 18 to 12 but now I have put everything back and more to a size 22. I am thinking I can do it alone, I have got the book, scale, treadmill, but I also think to be weighed weekly will be inspiring!! Do they take measurement too or only weight?

Thanks in advance.
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Hiya Hur,

Wow, you managed to get to a size 12, that's amazing! Well, you've done it before, so you CAN DO IT again!

I don't go to classes as there aren't any near me, I was using the book alone, however I've just signed up today online. There is a Free trial at the moment on RC, maybe you could try the online trial out and see how you feel, that's what I did.

Whatever you decide to do, best of luck and do keep posting, as it can be quite loney on here lol!

Louale x
Thank you for the reply, let us know your experience with the online one please, I will try to join as well and see.

Have you decided to join up and go to classes? Have you tried the online trial?

My experience so far with the online system has been really bad, I don't want to sounds like a moaney minney, but the main reason I joined was to get additional support and use the daily diary, plus meet some buddies to chat to:

1. I've put in 4 buddy requests 4 days ago and no one has bothered to accept my requests, I think they've probably given up on the diet or are no longer members (starting to get paranoid though lol!)

2. I've been in the chat room 5 times now, at different times and there's never ever been anyone in there.

3. On the Food diary, your supposed to chose your supermarket, neither of mine are listed.

4. Today's diary entry took me 40 mins tonight; at the end of it, I just couldn't be bothered and was really annoyed - not very straight forward.

5. I was trying to add Chicken salad sandwich, but had to put in how many grams of fat, sugar, salt etc, which is really annoying, it's just a chicken sandwich.

6. The message board format is not very 'user friendly' and doesn't make me want to post on it. I did post a message and received 2 really nice replies though.

I could go on and on, but I'm starting to bore myself! ........

Maybe it's just my experience, and it will get better, but at the moment, I feel like I've been cheated and want to ask for a refund. Is it just me?

Please don't be put off, do use the trial and see how you feel, you may really like it. I'm going to give it a couple more days and see how I feel, meanwhile, I'll keep my food diary in my little book.

Let me know how you get on.

Louale x

5. I was trying to add Chicken salad sandwich, but had to put in how many grams of fat, sugar, salt etc, which is really annoying, it's just a chicken sandwich.

Louale x
Lol that is so funny, I am sorry I should not laugh! But when I read that it just made me laugh sorry! It must be frustrating, I am going to the club tonight, to see people, I am very nervous though but I thought I should be lucky there is many near where I work and where I live. I will report back once I try the class. I thought no point in the online one as I like this forum, and hopefully we will get more support here as there are many people use this forum than any specific diet forum.
Probably too late for you but I go to a class and find the weekly weigh in a help. Even if you have a bad weigh in I always feel better before I leave because of doing the exercise part of the class. HTH
hi han I GO to class I DID quite well
then In the summer stopped going 4 a few months but ended up putting weight
back on so rejoined end of oct last wk
was last class till new yr as the francise
is in the process of changing hands .
like you say even if you dont lose its great to have the exxercise class afterwards.in the past have tryed other
clubs think it is good value for money
especially if you pay by standing order
you get the magazine in cluded with your monthly direct debit,or offers like get 6 classes for the price of 5 .The key
with me is to go to class as only end up putting on if I TRY solo gonna stick with it next yr

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