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Cocktail and slumber party food/drink ideas


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Hello wise MiniMins :)

This weekend I'm hosting a girly cocktail and slumber party at my house. Potentially this could be a syn minefield so I'm wondering if anybody knew of any cocktails (alcoholic naturally) that are'nt that high in syns. I think most fruit juices are pretty synful, so I'm guessing I'd mostly be relgated to mixing with diet soft drinks.

Unsure also if we're ordering takeaway or cooking. What's the best thing to order from a chinese/indian place? And any ideas for nibbles/snacks/sweet treats?

I had a 3lb easter gain this week (totally worth it mind you :p) so looking to stay as much as the straight and narrow as I can lol.

Thanks xxx
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These are all the EE syns for indian, you can look in the back of your optimise book for chinese aswell :)

Beef Madras 400g - 11syns
Bombay Potatoes 340g - 7syns
Chapati average each - 7.5 syns
Chicken Bhuna 330g - 11 syns
Chicken Biryani 380g - 12.5 syns
Chicken Curry 390g - 11.5
Chicken Dhansak 350g - 6.5
Chicken Jalfrezi 350g - 8.5
Chicken Kashmiri 350g - 9.5
Chicken Korma 360g - 16.5
Chicken Makhani 380g - 16.5
Chicken Pasanda 370g - 20
Chicken Saag 360g - 11
Chicken Tandoori 340g - 9
Chicken Tikka Balti 375g - 11.5
Chicken Tikka Masala 360g - 14.5
Chicken Vindaloo 360g - 8
Chickpea Dahl 350g - 5
Cucumber Raita 1 tbspn - 1
Gobi Aloo Saag 320g - 11
Lamb Bhuna 350g - 12
Lamb Biryani 450g - 20.5
Lamb Pasanda 350g - 21.5
Lamb Rogan Josh 360g - 6.5
Lime Pickle 1 tbsp - 1.5
Mango Chutney 1tbsp - 2
Naan Plain - average each - 20
Naan Peshwari - average each - 25
Onion Bhaji - average each - 8.5
Onion Sambal 1 tbsp - 0.5
Paratha - average each - 12
Poppadoms - average each - 4
Prawn Bhuna 380g - 10
Prawn Biryani 425g - 15
Rice Pilau 180g - 2.5
Rice Plain 300g - FREE
Samosas meat 2 small - 12.5
Samosas vegetable 2 small - 7.5
Vegetable Biryani 420g - 11.5
Vegetable Jalfrezi 375g - 7.5
Vegetable Curry 380g - 9
Vegetable Korma 380g - 15

These are all EE and is every syn in the SW book :)


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if i were you i'd prepare food to take with you, make the paprika potato wedges and chicken skewers etc, so you still feel like you're haivng fun! if you're eating chinese stick to plain boiled rice and something like chicken and mushrooms.

as for drinks, try and stick to a white spirit with a syn free mixer (sprite zero or coke zero) i bet you'll still enjoy yourself and stay on plan! enjoy!


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The Thai bites in the Original recipe book sound yummy!


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the only fruit juices which are free is lemon and lime, if you want something fruity why not try adding sugar free cordial to lemonade and try sticking to vodka. i also like gin and tonic which is 2.5syns for a 2.5ml measure with slimline tonic water


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Did I hear my name mentioned?

25ml Gin, slimline tonic and lots of ice and sliced cucumber (try it- it's free, delicious and.........superfree food lol) = 2.5 syns
Pimms! 2 litres of diet lemonade, 50ml balsamic vinegar, chopped cucumber and fruit, ice = all free so add 25ml of vodka per glass for 2.5 syns
Long Island Ice Tea (sort of)- to make 4: 2 measures vodka, 1 measure gin, 1 measure bacardi, lime juice, lemon juice, sweetener to taste, lots of ice and diet coke= 2.5 syns per glass

Food: Lots of things on cocktail sticks e.g.
Quarters of a cooked ww sausage (1 syn for 4 quarters)
Pineapple chunks
cherry tomatoes with a dollop of quark mixed with pesto (1.5 syns per teasoon which will go a long way)
HEXA low fat cheese chunks
Smoked salmon
Pickled baby onions and gherkins
Melon wrapped in parma ham

Enjoy yourself

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