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CoCoMo - Diary of a Dr D Disciple!


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Hi All!
I've had some advice about starting a diary, so here it is!
A brief history of my weight:
I am nearly 31 and on 1st June I weighed 14st 6lbs. This is the heaviest I have EVER been. I completed Lighted Life about 4 years ago, starting at 14st 3lbs and finishing at 10st 10lbs, and maintained my weight at around 11st for a long time until being ill and then getting complacent. I tried Cambridge last year but it just didn't work for me at all - LL was a BREEZE first time, but I think a second stab at a VLCD was just too much. I am not a serial dieter, I don't count calories or do the stupid detox thing.
I read an article about Dukan and wondered if it was time to try it - after getting on the scales on day 1, I couldn't believe that I was even heavier than I was when I started LL!

I started Dukan on 1st June. I have the book, am subscribed to the website and - top tip! - I downloaded the iBook so that I can quickly check things when I am at work.

I am on my second day of the Attack phase, and I have already dropped 3lbs, I know most of that is water, but it's a good boost to start me off!

Day 1 was a breeze - I eat a lot of lean meat and fish anyway so that part is easy, I like fat free Mullerlight yoghurts and I am not a big bread eater, so thus far it's been easy.

Currently on Day 2 - feel fine, mouth is a bit icky but I have lots of energy, I feel full and not bored with the food, although I am missing hot soup for lunch and fruit during the day.

I am aiming for my True Weight of 10st 11lbs, and I am dedicated to seeing this through. I hope I don't bore everyone to death with my posting but I need to chat on here as the forum on the Dukan site is really poor!

I recently moved down to London for a job, so I haven't quite built up the big network of friends that I have at home in Durham, so please get in touch!

Coco x
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Ooh you lucky thing being so lovely and tall! That's very brave moving down to London by yourself - I'm sure you will soon build up a new network of supportive friends.


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Thanks for your reply! ;)
About the tall comment - let me tell you that I think my height has actually led me to be very lazy and complacent about my weight. Because I'm fairly tall, and in proportion, my weight has been evenly distributed. This means that, even though I am a size 20, and weigh more than 14st, people genuinely think (and not just saying it to be kind) that I am about a size 16.

I am lucky enough to have a fairly flat tummy, I am just square because I am carrying so much excess weight. Now, because people are genuinely shocked when I show them my clothes labels, I have stupidly allowed myself to think "Hmmm, I mustn't look that fat, I probably don't need to lose weight". This means I haven't addressed the fact that I am endangering my health by carrying around this excess weight and not fixing my body.

I wonder if anyone else has experienced that?

Being in London is fun! I have worked here lots before, just never lived here full time. I live out in East London at Royal Victoria Docks and work at Canary Wharf - I can't wait to be slim enough to get back into my nice skirt suits and get my arms out in the summer!

Coco x


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I really hope that Dukan works for you, Coco. Remember, though, to make sure you go through all the stages. As you've found, complacency can lead to putting it all back on again - and then some.

Like Mouse, I really envy your height. I'm tiny and can't carry extra weight very well at all.

And how lovely to meet a Durham lass! My dad calls it "God's own country" as he was born and grew up there. (He even made me support Sunderland, when everyone around me in Northumberland was cheering on the Toon Army.)


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I love Durham! I love Northumberland too, I lived near Wallington Hall for a number of years, and spent lots of my childhood scrambling around the gorgeous countryside and coastline. I love it when I go home to Durham on the train, and tourists in the carriage next to me often gasp with pleasure when they come into the train station - the view over Durham Cathedral and Durham Castle, and the church spires and treetops is so wonderful!

My diary is a bit disappointing today.
I had a slip last night and ended up drinking a couple of glasses of wine with colleagues from work - my intentions were good but my resolve weakened when I learned that own of my best friends at work had resigned. I think the emotional impact hit me and made my judgement very poor. I drank a diet coke and tap water after that, and woke up this morning feeling fine but a bit disappointed. I have not slipped from the food regime at all. I also smoked for the first time in a week and my throat and tonsils (which are already damaged by smoking) are giving me hell this morning by way of a punishment!

I am still losing weight though - I'm down to 14st 1lb 8oz this morning. I have chicken breast, prawns and low fat ham with me at work today, just had my Mullerlight for breakfast, and I more prawns and a tuna steak this evening for dinner.

I'm actually finding the daily tips from the Dukan site fairly good - even if you don't need the motivation tips or the recipes, it serves as a really good reminder and sets you up for a successful day.

Hope everyone has a good day today - it's sunny and pleasant here, puts me in a good mood! :flirt2:


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Aw, I'm feeling homesick after that description. There's nothing quite like Northumberland and Durham. I still miss living in the area like crazy, even after all theses years away from home.

Sorry to hear about your colleague resigning and how hard it's hit you. At difficult times, it can be very tempting to slip up (with me, it can be comfort eating). It sounds as though you've got the slip-ups back under control, though, which shows determination and resolve - so you should feel proud of yourself. :)

Enjoy your sunny day. It's beautiful here, too! :)


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My mother lives just south of Durham in north Yorkshire, and I have relations and friends there and in D county, Newcastle etc. I so agree that it's wonderful up there, both countryside and people. Did you ever here that old song?
"A north country maid
Up to London had strayed
Although with her nature it did not agree.
She wept and she sighed
And how bitterly she cried
I wish once again in the north I could be.
Oh the oak and the ash and the bonny ivy tree
They flourish together in my own country"


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Topaz, that's beautiful! I have never heard that before, but I like it!

I just overdosed on fat free cottage cheese and salmon flakes for lunch.:D

Feeling energetic but wish I was at home rather than work today, it's too nice to be cooped up indoors.

Hope everyone is having a nice day. Weekend is just around the corner - whoop!!!;)


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I am annoyed but it is entirely my own fault. Put a pound back on yesterday, I know it was the wine that contributed. I am determined to get it right today and stick to "ze plan".

Making a Dukan Galette for brekkie - let's see how that turns out. Coffee is on, Sun is shining, lazy day ahead followed by a trip to see my friend on the other side of London.

Happy Saturday everyone!


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The Galette is odd! It's kind of like thick scrambled eggs. Hmm, not for me. I will stick to eating my oat bran straight off the spoon, thanks very much!


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It should be more like a pancake. Get it nearer to a pancake mix by putting in a bit of milk, but not too thin as you don't have wheat gluten so it can separate a bit. Don't cook too fast either, the egg needs time to set before the bran burns. I had your problem with them too so started doing small ones like drop scones or blinis. See recipes thread for this and other ideas like 'bread'. I still use the blinis as you can make nice little open or closed sandwiches with herby quark and meat or fish and seafood. Steak sandwich is nice with garlic and herbs in the quark.
Are you using oatbran and not porridge oats? Sorry, just checking, sometimes people think it's the same and it isn't.


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Definitely oat bran - thanks for the tips, I might make it into porridge instead.

Just had steak and eggs for tea. That seems so wrong, but I know it's perfectly allowed!

I have to spend another day in Attack according to Dr D because of my wine slip on Thursday, but that's ok.

I feel pretty rough today, cannot stop fantasising about pineapple and nectarines and grapes. :(

Back to 14st 1lb. Really REALLY hope I get to under 14st before I start consolidation.

Hope everyone is having a nice weekend. Weather miserable here in London.


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Don't beat yourself up too much about the wine. I gave in and had ice cream the other day to help sooth my tonsilitis (I didn't regret it though it was definately worth it) but since my throat has been back to normal I've been eating properly again and feel great. Cannot stop peeing again! I don't think you need to do attack again, just PP and then get bck on it. You will be fine. At least you have learnt from your slip up :) xx


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Thanks for the words of encouragement! This morning I weighed 13st 13lbs 6oz. :D

Emms, where I work, there is a fat free frozen yoghurt bar under the office. Now, I was really sceptical about it, but I am now really happy I tried it! If your tonsils are still playing up, or even if you just need the cold sweetness, definitely stock up on fat free frozen yoghurt (or fro-yo :flirt2:) at the supermarket.

I feel horrendous today - headachey, a little bit sickly, and so tired, even after a long night's sleep.

Going to try and stick it out at work though, not sure I am ill enough to go home. Dr Dukan has given me a pasta joker for this eve in my daily tips so I am going to take him up on it if I feel hungry later.

Happy Monday everyone:rainbow:


** Chief WITCH **
Hello there Cocomo, and nice to meet you. I don't know whether anyone else is actually registered to the official site at the moment, so feel free to motivate us with any of his daily tips!

Like you, I miss fruit very much when I first restart (yep!) Dukan but I tell myself that it wasn't fruit I'd overeaten on to put weight on again, so it was hardly the food I did miss the most whatever I like to tell myself when restarting Dukan! (Perhaps look out for some food flavourings so that you can have the flavour in your food without the "fruit").

Oatbran muffins are excellent! Mouse's victoria sandwich cake, with quark filling, is delicious. Don't deprive yourself. Get oatbran baking!



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Thank you! Nice to meet you too :)
I might try some oatbran making at the weekend, I am out of the house for 14 hours a day during the working week so I don't have enough time!
I am really enjoying the daily tips, it has developed into a nice little routine, as I have the emails sent to my work address, so I log in, read Dr D's messages for the day and then start my work day. It feels like I am setting myself for a successful day, and they do take into account what you have put in your report from the day before.
I have changed my mind about having the pasta Joker I was offered tonight - I have decided that, as this is my first day of PV, to stick to the plan and not take Dr D's offer up of some pasta for tea!
I need to find some low fat cheeses I can eat, like low fat feta. I want to bring this to work, and I am a bit sick of Quark and cottage cheese - I like the texture of "proper" cheese in salads! Can anyone recommend anything?
Just had my tea time snack of some extra lean ham, a cold boiled egg and a cuppa. I don't get to eat my evening meal until quite late so this will see me through.
Hope you have all had a good day!;)


** Chief WITCH **
<Don't tell her Cocomo!! haaaaaa!> Those jokers he gives out in response to your saying you're missing something or other are a joke and contradict all his own principles!

I bake at the weekend and freeze! 14 hour days sound a lot though! I'm out 11.5 hrs which is plenty!

Cheese on this diet isn't easy in England (we have more options in France but, to be honest, they're totally bland and tasteless - apart from the "Boursin" similar one...). You could make your own, with quark, herbs and garlic. Probably your best bet.

I used to be coached by the French official site and did enjoy the motivational stuff too. I copied it into a Word document to reread (and of course never did!)

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