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Coconut Milk


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Yes you can freeze it
One tip though - I use Maggi coconut powder instead of the tins - that way I can just make up as much as I need and have no leftovers


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No difference in syns I'm afraid (just as high!) - you can get it from some Tesco stores, health food stores and asian foodstores

Coconut Milk Powder

ETA some people just use coconut essence (available to buy online) which is syn free and add it to yoghurt etc


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the strange thing is, I dont like it either, but it doesn't taste like it, when used like this! Just taste like cream. Its bizarre, cos it seriously would make me gag if I had it on toast or something lol


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I use Philadelphia light as an alternative in Thai green curry and it's delicious! Had it last night it's seriously nommy foods! Mmmmm
I tried the recipe on their website for thai green curry and personally it just wasn't as nice as when you use coconut milk

Didn't taste like a proper thai curry at all - but each to their own :)


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I don't want to make a new thread just for this question when it is along the same lines, so I hope the OP doesn't mind me asking...Can anyone reccommend which coconut essence to buy please?
Jane Asher does one but it is expensive at around £7 a bottle. I know a lot of people get them for 99p from someone on ebay and are quite happy with it. Do a google and you should find them.
Coconut essence is a genius idea to save some syns - this was the first site that came up when I googled - just 99p for the bottle but £3.95 postage - probably worth doing a few bits of shopping from that website to make the P&P worthwhile (or free delivery if you spend over £19.95)

I'm surprised someone was able to freeze their leftover coconut milk though - I had half a can left that I put into a tupperware and froze, when it defrosted, it separated so that it was like a very thin liquid but with dessicated coconut mixed in rather than a smooth creamy mixture - I binned it!


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I posted the very same Q a few months ago, I have frozen the left over coconut milk in a ice cube tray, but havent yet used them, so dont know how they are when de frosted.
But i have now been converted to the Maggi Coconut powder, its great. I got mine from a Health food shop

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