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Coconut Oil ...


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I just thought I'd share my experiences of coconut oil which I just bought from Amazon (where else!?) :giggle:

I couldn't wait to use it, so have just tried it to cook bacon, egg, mushrooms and garlic - I know that sounds strange but I didn't feel up to cooking anything more extravagant this evening! Verdict: I thought it added a very pleasant extra dimension to my favourite food! Molly Mushroom tasted a little sweeter, the bacon (actually it was a few thin strips of pancetta from my favourite italian deli) was tinged with a dessert island glow and Emily Egg was definitely wearing a lovely grass skirt - so I definitely give it the thumbs up...

so Jim go for it!

It apparently can be eaten instead of butter, cooked with, rubbed into skin to make it lush, used as a conditioner for hair, and will even make the bed and do the washing up! Amazing stuff! Have looked for negatives on Google but can't find any at the mo. :eat:.
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Oooh thx for the review, I ordered some too so will try it out next week.

Apparently it entices the whoosh fairy around :D
I managed to find some in Tesco for £1.69 :)

It was in the world foods section. Not tried it yet but will let you know how it goes.


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Great stuff confused... Hope you like it!
Hi Alpaca :)

I tried the first lot straight off the spoon.. not the worst thing in the world but I'm not sure if i'll be doing that again!

Fried some bacon in it this morning and it was very yummy :) Think I will use some to dress my salad at lunch time.


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Thought I'd share a bit more research on coconut oil...

The secret to a healthy metabolism and a wealth of energy is no fad stimulant: it's pure extra virgin coconut oil.

Coconut oil primarily consists of medium-chain fatty acids. These triglycerides can speed up the metabolism because they are so easily digested and converted into energy. Long-chain fatty acids, like those in polyunsaturated oils, are more difficult for the body to break down and use for energy. Instead, long-chain fatty acids are usually stored as fat in the body.Several scientific studies have exhibited these principles.

One study examined the effect of medium-chain fatty acids on metabolism. Participants' metabolism was evaluated before and after a meal rich in these fats. On average, metabolism increased by 48 percent. In obese individuals, the increase was as high as an astounding 65 percent. Studies have shown this thermogenic effect can last for 24 hours.

A study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition reported that medium-chain fatty acids were three times more effective at raising the metabolism than long-chain fatty acids. Researchers concluded that replacing long-chain fatty acids with medium-chain fatty acids was an effective method for weight loss. Another study from the same journal showed that eating medium-chain fatty acids increases metabolism and also helps burn off stored fat.

Coconut oil can support a healthy weight in other ways as well:

- Coconut oil slows down the digestion of food, which helps you feel fuller after a meal. Many people notice that after adding coconut oil to their diet, they are less prone to snacking.

- Because it slows digestion, coconut oil also helps prevent blood sugar fluctuations after a meal by slowing the rate carbohydrates are broken down into blood glucose.

- The medium-chain fatty acids in coconut oil destroy candida, a condition of yeast overgrowth in the body which triggers symptoms of weight gain, carbohydrate cravings, fatigue and many others. Eliminating candida is an important part of achieving permanent weight loss.

- Coconut oil is excellent for detoxification. It cleanses the body of many infirmities, balances the digestive tract and nourishes all cells in the body. These benefits restore your health and pave the way for natural weight loss.

Tips for Using Coconut Oil to Increase Metabolism:

- Start small. If you've never taken coconut oil before, start with one teaspoon a day and slowly work up to 3-6 tablespoons per day. This will help your body adjust to the beneficial effects of coconut oil.
- The kind of coconut oil you choose is very important. Organic, unrefined extra virgin coconut oil is the best choice since it preserves all the natural goodness of the oil.


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Wow that's amazing, thanks for posting, Di - I can certainly do with increasing my metabolism by 65%!


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Thanks Susie... but, I'm ever the skeptic, so will just see if I notice any difference after using it for a while. I like the flavour it gives food though! :)

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