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Coke Zero - Yes or No

I do have it ocassionaly just to give my mouth a different taste and also in a short lived attempt to stop the dog breath I have!! lol


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Officially, no. My CDC says it's fine though.


One day at a time!
I've had it occasionally but it does seem to make me hungry! I'd say stay away if you can. I think the CD water flavours get the thumbs up from many though - haven't tried them yet as love plain water.
Let's be honest, what harm can it do :D


Cambridge Consultant
I have one coke zero a day, my CDC knows and is happy with it. She said she doesn't know of anyone whos losses / being in ketosis have been affected by it (although of course I'm not saying there is nobody:rolleyes:)
Doesn't affect me one way or the other
My CDC says it's ok. But it's a no anyway I suppose.
I decide not to drink it because I've experienced the weightloss stalling effect aspartam can have on some people.
There are zero calories in it, so you could probably drink 6 litres a day :D
BigH - there are zero calories in diet coke also, but there is more to consider than just calories. There is citric acid in diet coke which can knock you out of ketosis.

Coke zero does not have citric acid in it, it has malic acid. This will not knock you out of ketosis. As someone mentioned, all low cal soft drinks have aspartame in them and some people find they stall them. It's horses for courses, what works for you.

Technically coke zero is not allowed on SS. But if it's a case of having coke zero and sticking with SS and getting on with it, or falling off the wagon face first into the nearest pizza then of course it's better to have the coke zero than fall off the wagon.

I personally find it makes me really really hungry, although I still am in ketosis according to the ketostix. I get a really grumbly tummy and feel starving so it's not worth it as far as I'm concerned. But other people find different and it doesn't make them hungry.
Just picking up on Bailey's point, I did a week of CD in July. I reached day 7 and had a diet coke as I had got it into my head that this was accepatble, in fact I had 2 over 2 consecutive days.
Having been doing quite nicely, I became so hungry it was unbearable and I broke the diet. I could not understand what had happened to me until I started again in August and read a thread here on minimins.

Please always be careful about what you drink, I would not like that kind of experience to interrupt anyone else's CD success.

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