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is a naughty girl...
I dont know I am afraid but I would LOVE to have one done...how sick are we hehe they are meant to be amazing so much so that people get addicted to them :D


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I've had a couple - they are great, you feel so clean afterwards, and mentally alert too. (But I've never had one whilst on CD.)
Nicola, so pleased that you posted this, myself and my colleagues have been trying to organise a trip to all have one done but I too am scared about having it done whilst on CD!

Hopefully someone will post with some helpful info ;)

A friend of mine had one done (not whilst on a diet though) and she said the therapist was pointing to the *ahem!* waste and telling her how old it probably was! (sorry TMI)

and she was even able to correctly guess what type of health problems she had, just by looking at poop!
I don't know how accurate that sort of thing can always be, but if it makes you feel better afterwards I think I will save my pennies to get it done


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I have had a few but not whilst on CD. If it is your first I should imagien you will be ok doing it whilst on CD, simply becasue the waste being removed is not recent - it can date back a long long time :).

I don't have them anymore as I developed problems in that area and think the collonic may have aggrevated it. You do feel nice and 'clean' afterwards and could easily become addicted I think.


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I have had one, not what I would call enjoyable but ok, mine was very professional so not really awkward and I did feel lighter and cleansed afterwards. Didn't make any difference to weight loss at all and whilst I was on a diet at the time it was WW not CD.

I have not rushed to have another one (was about 20 months ago) but I would have another one, it didn't put me off.
i had a few, but not on CD, would reccomend it though

TMI WARNING: i went back to being vegetarian after a good few years off the wagon. i hadn't eaten any red meat for a few weeks (3-4) when i decided to go for one ...i didnt believe the therapist when she said 'and here's the meat' so she positioned a mirror so i could see what was coming down the tube..tmi warning...chunks of undigested meat gristle. yuck.

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I've had a colonic last year and it was fantastic. I also went for one a few weeks ago while on CD and it was still good. Thing is as we don't go to the loo too much on CD the colon is weakened and when we start to eat again and go properly again the muscle will strengthen up.

They are really good and you do feel really clean after. We look after our outsides so why not our insides? It was really nice to know that everything inside is working the way it should.

Go book one xxx
I have had a couple of colonics in the past - but not whilst on CD. I would echo some of the views expressed here; I felt cleansed and energetic, particularly after the first one.
About £80 quid plus depesding on area i should think

Was gonna have one, but decided agasinst it as my insides work beautifully on a bad day anyway so really dont wanna risk anything going wrong through one..so left it lol
my friend spent a week in a resort on an island in thailand where you fast, drinking only water, these vitamin concoctions they give you and some clear broth. then you give yourself a colonic every day...sounds hardcore but she looked fantastic afterwards. i want to go!
In my area (up north) the average cost of a colonic seems to be £65. I thought that seemed steep enough!

I remember a while ago looking into kits you can use at home which are sort of drinks that you take which flush you out. I didn't try it though as they warned that you will need to "go" very often indeed!

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Mine costs £70 a session. I think it's a good idea to have a good clear out :) while on CD. May as well make the most of it because when in your life are you gonna do this vlcd again? lol . I did it when I moved to 1000 plan and found out that all the friut I was having wasn't digesting properly and just stuck but now I should be fine. Good to know what's going on in there xxx

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