Come and cheer us on in Texas USA


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OK I have looked all over to find where I might fit and I tried to introduce myself on other threads and I might as well of been invisible. (SW will help to have less of me but I don't choose to be invisible)
I want to offer my encouragement and I would like to be the recipient of encouragement (when needed)
Slimming World has come to the USA and there are literally only 5 meetings going here right now. This is so new and a new way to think.
The only meal plan we have is the Extra Easy and it works. One lady in my group has already gotten rid of 25lbs+.
Tonight I made the Scan Bran Chocolate Cake.
I just want to say hello! and invite anyone to cheer us on across the ocean!

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Hello and welcome to the forum. The people here are a lovely bunch and full of practical advice and help. xx


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I'm exceptionally new to the forum, but I live in Texas too. Do you have more information about this? Scan Bran Chocolate Cake sounds good... what's in it?


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Hi there. couldnt help but notice your thread.. texas my most fave place in the world... dated a guy from there years back and it was love at first sight.. with Texas, not the guy unfortunately which is why I am still living in grey and miserable Lincolnshire lol. Anyway, a warm welcome to the SW plan and family.. loads of support here... feel free to add me to your buddy list, get in contact via email or pop over to my blog .... we can all do it if we do it together!!! :)
Have a fantastic day y'all ;-)


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Hi there y'all!! I can't believe SW has taken so long to take off in the USA as it's such a wonderful plan and I thought you guys have everything going!! Hope you are enjoying it and good luck! You will find plenty of recipes, support and information on this forum you'll be hooked!!! HeatherX


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Welcome to the forum, how lovely to have you with us, good luck on your SW journey. X

Happy Holidays

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Welcome to the forum, you will find it very friendly & there is always somebody about who can help/offer advice when & if needed.

I can't believe SW has only just go to USA I just assumed it was worldwide.

If you are on facebook there is a thread on here somewhere were you can find & add lots of us.

Good luck with the weight loss :D


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Welcome. I'm new too.
I wondered how the plan would go down in America. Interesting they only have EE over there. Good luck it's a great plan


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Welcome to the Forums and glad to have you along (from a 1/2 american living in the UK).
Just a question about the they include the syns on products you get in America as I wanted to get some for my mom who lives there.


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I made Slimmer of the Week

Hi All,
I made slimmer of the week.
Where do you get your little flag things that look like the stickers?
I like this already.
I have a inkling that it was a Scan Bran loss. I think that stuff might need a warning label....


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The only place I have found Scan Bran in the USA is at a Slimming World Meeting.
There are some in Flower Mound, Lewisville, Plano and Frisco.
Do you live near any of these places?


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Hi there.... *waves from across the pond*

Welcome to the forum and the wonderful revelation that is SW!!


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Hello and welcome!!

Im glad you have the benefit of slimming world in the USA now, its brilliant and everyone should get to feel the benefits. Everyone's lovely on here! You'll find yourself addicted to the site and helping others as much as others want to help you.

Welcome to the family & good luck!!


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Welcome Texas!!! The company I work for has an office in Houston and I get to visit there on occasion (last time it was mid July & the humidity was a killer!!). Good luck with SW I have had questions about it from my colleagues over there as they know I have been doing it for ages now but I don't know whether any of them have a meeting they can join yet. I wondered how they would do it over there, it is interesting that they only do EE though and you struggle to get scan bran.


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Hellllooooooo Texas and welcome to the boards.

I love texas, i went to lubbock when i was 11 omg thats a long time ago and loved it.

Hope you enjoy doing the plan and lovely to hear from you and keep us posted on anything you find that helps your weight loss :D


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Spotted your thread and couldn't resist coming to say hello! Well done with your Slimmer of the Week award, that's awesome :D
I actually thought Slimming World was an American thing, not an English thing only just making it across the Atlantic :eek: