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Come on baby u can come out now!!

Grrr well im sooo fed up! i have been up the last 5 nights having pains and nothing is happening! Ive been dragging OH out for walks every evening and trying to eat loads of pinapple, just makes my mouth sore! sex is soooo uncomfortable but i cant think of anything else to help her get a move on! i think she is teasing me by giving me pains and getting my hopes up! Anyone got some tips....other than caster oil a defiante no no! xx
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Come on baby!!!! Eviction time!!! lol

For something natural how about having a bounce on a birth/yoga ball or rock back and forth for a good 30 mins whist stimulating your nipples, and if you have the energy, or no energy finish off by having sex letting your husband do all the work lol! That may help things along if you do it all in one evening or something.

For something herbal you can now take black cohosh, tincture form bought from holland and barrat, costs about 6 quid and is meant to ripen the cervix, and help dilation I believe.

Hope that helps some! And baby come soon for you.x
thanks for the tips, id read somewhere about nipple stimulation and using a breast pump but not to sure if ill try it....it said 37% of women that tried it went into labour within 72 hours rather than 6% when went into labour naturaly.. what do ya think? x
I recommend a good dose of patience!!! she will make her grand entrance when she is ready, so enjoy this time to relax and rest :)
well i'm 36 wks today and there is no way I can relax with spd and a 3 yr old, sounds nice tho if you can, Plus you can try all the 'natural' methods in the world anyway and non will help or work move things along until your body is ready anyway.....but it's worth a try! just for fun!

Nipple stimulation is the most successful I have heard as it makes the uterus contract?

good luck, hope baba comes son for you x
haha rest yeah u must be joking! i have a 2 year old that realy does not understand why mummy cant be running around like a loon like she normaly does! so relaxing is completely out the window....i want this baby out!!
yes thats righ it said it makes your uterus contract and starts things off, but only works if cervix is soft and 'faverable'. im having a sweep next week anyway as my consultant wants to do 1....no idea why tho as i will only be 38+3??? worth a try i supose! x
Ohh i'm also having a sweep at 39 weeks, that's if baby is in the right position....little monkey will not stop wiggling and is in every position except head down!

Hope the sweep works for you, I believe it started me off last time, but I found it to be v.slow labor!