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Comfort eating and stress snacks

Hi everyone! Just thought I'd share an odd experience I had yesterday... I've never been a comfort eater (or so I thought), just a bit greedy - eating far more than I need to. Anyway, I was cycling to the video shop yesterday afternoon and was hit by a car, according to some bystanders I somersaulted over the car and landed about 3m past it, and my bike went the same distance in the opposite direction. It was all v dramatic and there was glass everywhere. I've only got a few superficial cuts and bruises, but the weird thing is that all I could think of was food. By the time I made it home I just wanted to eat naughty stuff (chinese takeaway in particular), I wasn't bothered about the fact that I'd had a very lucky near miss, I just wanted to pig out. I wasn't even hungry, mybe it was the shock, I don't know. Luckily OH was on hand to say "NO!" but apparently I was like a woman possessed! I'm so glad he kept me away from the takeaway menu or it could have got messy:D!

Has anyone else had a single event that just made them want to eat and eat and eat? As they used to say in 'Jackie' & 'Just seventeen', "am I normal???:D"
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Just wanted to say glad your ok, must of been a terrible shock bless you. Not had a particular event like that to make me want to eat, generally mine is when i'm sad, happy, tired, emotional,excited. well infact all the time. Hope you make a quick recovery and good on you and your husband for staying on track after that huge ordeal.xx
Glad you're ok!
No single event i dont think - more likely every time anyone made a comment about my weight...stupid that i just went and stuffed myu face every time!!


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Good God, how awful for you, so glad you're ok.
I have not had any one particular thing that has triggered a binge as such, I am a typical comfort/boredom eater. My meals have always been well balanced....very few takeaways, all home cooked stuff, a good mix of 'good' foods and the odd 'naughty' meal here and there.
BUT!! evenings, when I have no need whatsoever to eat, I could eat anything in sight just for the sake of doing it. Even when I am full up to the top, nothing would stop me eating a packet of crisps or similar.

I think I am incredibly fortunate as nobody has EVER made any kind of comment to me about my weight or size. I have no doubt that numerous things have been said behind my back, but what I don't know can't hurt me I suppose.


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What a terrible experience for you! I'm so pleased you weren't more badly hurt. Take care tomorrow - the bruises could well come out and stiffen up your joints.
Love and hugs to you.
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When I had a head on collision with a tanker (in the car) people said to me were'nt you lucky! I thought if I was so lucky, I wouldn't have been there!!! Pleased to hear you're not hurting anywhere. After any shock like that I'd hit the bottle and wouldn't know when to stop so you're NORMAL!!!!
Oh my goodness you poor thing! I hope you're ok, I'm sure it was just your minds way of coping with the shock, it's funny how we react to those sorts of situations and it's rarely the way we think we will.

I'm with the others, I'm def an emotional eater and unfortunately it's not restricted to any emotion in particular! :) Hoping you're ok hun, let us know how you get on x
Totally agree. Last week my power went out and I was stuck in a freezing cold house on my own with a headache waiting for the electrician - all I wanted to do was eat. Kind of felt like I 'deserved' it. Didn't though, lol. Mxx


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am so glad you are ok hon. i knew i comfort ate a bit. but it was a decision i made. i've had a shitty day let's get a takeaway, but last week my best friend found out she had cancer and that had me wanting to eat everything in sight. i managed to stick to a cd bar. but it really highlighted the urge... and the fact that eating myself silly would do nothing whatsoever to change the situation...

abz xx
Aw thanks for your support everyone! I'm a bit bruised today but not too bad, went to the gym to sit in the jacuzzi last night...bliss! Oh, and I probably should mention that the takeaway menu is in the bin now!
Glad you're feeling ok after the accident, & well done for sticking with the diet (& binning the takeaway menu !!).

I tend to want to eat when I'm down / stressed / bored, & have realised how much of a comfort eater I was before Cambridge (which I hadn't realised previously).....just need to stay strong & not give in to temptation, no matter how convincing my brain is !!! LOL

Keep up the good work with your diet, & best of luck !!

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