Comfort eating/getting back on track

Blimey I've lost it big time.

Firstly it was my special lady time, so I thought I'd take it easy on myself. Then I had some more bad news workwise, so I felt like I deserved a treat. And then... I don't know, every day I'm "definitely going to get back on track" and even when I start off OK, I seem to end up not so good (last night, for example, I had a pint of beer and curry for dinner.)

What are your tips for getting back on track?

What are your tips for overcoming the urge to comfort eat?

When is it safe to weigh myself again?!
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I think you should just bite the bullet and weigh yourself - draw a line under it and start again.

Good luck

Thanks FF -- I took your advice, and at first it was a bit grim but actually once I took my cardigan off (which supposedly weighs in the region of three pounds!), I'm actually about the same as last time I weighed myself. So all is not lost! I'm not out this evening, so hopefully that will keep me out of harm's way.

Actually, I think that doing Slim Fast makes me more aware of how much I can eat without putting on weight. So even though I've been having days where I've been eating too much for me to lose, I'm less likely to get that feeling of "I've eaten a chocolate bar, so I may as well just stuff my face for the rest of the day!" than I used to be.


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well done for getting back on it bmi, you haven't let it go too far which is good. I've had a rough wk food wise it's perfectly normally to have a day/week out.
I really struggle this time of year my husband found the tin of choc I had hidden and now they are nearly all gone, I did have a helping hand in that :eek:( but like FF says draw a line.....
Keep posting bmi xx
Thanks Ugg - I think I'm back on track now. Got a dinner tonight but not that much else by way of Christmas celebrations this year until the day itself, so it might not end up being the disaster it could be... good luck with yours, this time of year is tough but I'm sure you can do it, you're SO close to your target!