comfort eating in times of crisis

sukie sue

this is My time to shine!
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my dad was admited to hospital with a suspected stroke the early hours of monday this week and what a stressfull time it was .
i really felt it was the first time since starting ll that i could have eaten 'something , in fact anything' but , whist cutting up some lovely home made carrot cake for my daughter and being tempted my adult kicked in and i thought ' will this make my dad better ??? , will it make me feel better???? and of course (and luckily) my brain yelled NO WAY youll feel totaly crap and i ate nothing.
but , all day monday the smells and sight of food bothered me a bit like it never has before , but come tues and today again im back to feeling normal , but very happy because i truly feel that ll has achieved what it sais on the label, in the past any moment of remote stress let alone something like this would have sent me scurrying to the fridge /cupboard ect for a feed up and never achieving that peace that we all seek, but you know what , i did find it later in the sense of achievement of not slipping and then taking a very long very hot bath with some serious aromatherapy oils, all i can say is , thank god !!!
and long live queen LL!!!!!!!!
dont hold back girls(and guys)
embrace this programme for what it is intended not just for the weight loss and you will truly be on the path to future health and happiness....:sigh:
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Sue - hope your dad is on the mend.

Well done to you on not having the carrot cake (mmmmmmmm carrot cake!!) I know exactly what you mean and stress/crisis is my downfall re eating and something i have yet to address.


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Wow - you were amazingly strong to resist that carrot cake! :eek: I always dive into the chocolate when things get bad :sigh: :eek: so you've really given me hope that I can manage not to do this in the future. :)

I hope you are still staying strong and that your Dad is not too poorly.


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thats amazing..well done to you.

and hope your dad is feeling better.


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Sorry to hear about your dad. It sounds as if you are doing a brilliant job of processing your thoughts in response to emotion rather than just going to old habits. That is great and its the thing that will keep you going once you are back in the world of food again. You are so right, it wouldn't have done any good in the situation. You are an inspiration.

sukie sue

this is My time to shine!
S: 16st0lb C: 12st10lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 29.6 Loss: 3st4lb(20.54%)
thankyou all for your lovely words of inspiration and comfort , it means allot ,
my dad is still in hospital , he did suffer a stroke , infact they said hat they found evidence that he has been having smaller ones for some time without realising, i think they can see the scaring on the brain or something. but lukily i think this might save his life , he has battered his body for so many years with alcohol and cigarettes that at 58 he is old and worn ( so sad) but this stroke has only given him a hopefully tempory sagging left hand side of the face , impaired speech and a hand that doesnt quite work as well as it should, it could have been so much worse, but he seems to be determined to never smoke again and seriously get his act together and lead a healthier life, so fingers crossed this has been oe hell of a warning for him to change his life , and you know what .... he has a lovely lady freind now who i think he really has reason to live for .
long live love !!!!!

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sorry to hear your dad is poorly & hope he gets better soon. Well done for resisting the cake...always so hard when you feel down, tired & vulnerable. WELL DONE!


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glad to hear your dad is doing well.
It is easy to turn to food, goodness I know, I piled on the weight last year when my life hit the bottom of a very deep dark place. My grandad had a stroke 10 days ago and I felt awful when that happened, but I kept going with the LL because I also realised that my eating wouldn't make him better.

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Hi Sukie
What an achievement. Most of us need the tinest of excuses to fall of the wagon and you have been incredibly strong. At 58 I'm sure your Dad will make a pretty full recovery from his stroke but I'm sure all sorts must have gone through your mind.

Next time I try and give myself an excuse I will think of you. Well done on staying so positive - as you said a piece of cake isn't going to help anyone! You will also have plenty of time in the future to have your Cake and it - thats my plan anyway!


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Oh Sukie,

It is a truly terrible moment when a parent becomes seriously ill like your Dad. We always think our mum and dad will live forever.

My Dad has prostate cancer, inoperable, but for a year the illness has been managed really well. Last year was a difficult time for everyone because we did not know what the future held. We know more now, and that helps.

I am so pleased that you have been able to practice some of the strategies you've been learning at LL. It is a wonderful freeing moment when you realise that you don't have to keep making the same mistakes as in the past, that there is an alternative. That this alternative works.

What you've written about your experience will inspire others. You have shown that the lessons learned at LL can work in all areas of life.

It's not just a weight issue, it's a life issue.

I wish you and your family, particularly your Dad, well. You can offer him some great advice that you've learned, to help him keep off the fags and booze!