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Comfort eating... PANTS!


Desperate to be slim!
I have just eaten over half a packet of digestive biscuits. :(

I feel pants.

I went to a job interview today for a teaching post at the school in the next village from me. I really wanted it, but when I got there I found out that one of the other candidates was the wife of the chair of governors. Surprise surprise she got the job. I'm really annoyed that they even wasted my time and got me there. It's bl**dy ridiculous!!!

Oh well... weigh in tomorrow. I might not stay to class though, the way I'm feeling now.

Just needed to vent a bit!

Emma xXx
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GRR!!! I can see why you turned to biscuits hun...but stop now! Before it makes you feel worse for having a binge. Put them away and go do something else to vent your frustrations. Do some exercise or beat the hell out of your cushions!!!
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Oh...and I know things like that happen with jobs but...are they allowed to happen? I mean, is it legal?!?!?!


Desperate to be slim!
Technically yes, as they interviewed everyone and we were all treated the same. I was just a tool that they used unfortunately.

As for the biscuits, I've stopped now. I am having chicken, salad and jersey royals for tea instead. Yummy, and all free on EE!!!

After tea I am going to munch my way through a melon... good old speed foods!!!


Mad old Bat with Attitude
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That's the spirit Ems! There will be a better job out there for you! MMMM jersey royals!


Strutting her stuff
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Think of it this way.

You lost the job to this person, but you did everything in your power to get the job and so have nothing to be ashamed of.

However, you have chosen to hand control over what food you put in your mouth to them and that's not good.

"No-one can make you feel inferior without your consent" - Eleanor Roosevelt


Desperate to be slim!
Thanks Judimac... I hope you're right!!! I really want another job!

Circes, I think maybe I just needed to do it, comfort eat, find I don't feel comforted, and put it behind me. I know it will take me a while, and a few comfort eating binges, but I will conquer my food demons eventually.


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Awww big hugs, how rubbish is that!!! Pah! nepotism sucks!

If it helps I havent had a great eating day either, spent the whole day painting my bathroom and grabbing anything as I went along - not always the best choices I hasten to add! However I did refuse my OHs suggestion of a chippy tea (we are painting our larder and pantry too argh so the kitchen looks like a bombs gone off) and I made a free food tea instead :)

So the moral of the story is - you had half a packet - not one packet or two packets ..... so well done :) perhaps peruse the paper or some job sites and see if there's anything else you like the look of? Onwards and upwards!!


Desperate to be slim!
Thanks everyone. I am gonna ring in the morning for feedback, just to check what I can do better next time, as although it was irritating and a waste of time, interview advice is always helpful!

As for more jobs, I am also going to ring another school tomorrow, and hopefully visit them so I can apply for that job as well.

I will stay to class tomorrow, and I will explain that I discomfort ate half a pack of biscuits, and you're right... it could have been the whole pack!

Thanks again guys... feeling far more positive now.

Emma xXx


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Discomfort eat - I love that.What a great phrase and so true.

Emma, it's not what happens to us that counts, it's how we deal with it. Half a packet of biscuits isn't as bad as it could be and it's probably too early to register on your WI, giving you a whole week to fight back.

Why do we "discomfort eat"? It makes us feel sick and guilty. Which is probably why - our minds are punishing us.

It sucks when something like that happens, Emma. Get the voodoo doll out
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As for the biscuits, I've stopped now. I am having chicken, salad and jersey royals for tea instead. Yummy, and all free on EE!!!


ooo what are these???

emz, sorry to hear about the job, thats really crap. I know how you feel, i was ill a couple of months ago, and a hairdressing recruitment agency came in to find 4 girls, and because i missed the day, as i was in bed sick, 4 girls got those jobs, and they did not deserve them, they dont work hard and arnt anywhere as near as dedicated as i am, and i missed out on those positions, for girls who werent even sure if they wanted to be a hairdresser :-| so i can feel your frustration,

youl have to just write the biscuits off, as long as they helped at the time thats all that matters! .. screw the woman who got the job, atleast when you get your perfect job, you'l know you got it because you deserve it, and not because you had special connections! :) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Starting over
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good luck with your search for a job, it's a tricky time but you will get there. Well done for your weight loss so far and for getting back on track, sometimes it's not easy to stick with it but you're heading the right way.:)


Finding inspiration
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If I were you, I'd work out what the syns were for the 1/2 a pack of biscuits and put it on your food diary. You may find you've only gone over a bit a reasonable amount, and can make up for it the next day by cutting back on syns. I think it all averages out.

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