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Comfort eating/snacking

What do you do when you just want to eat?
Today i just want to eat, im a bit sad and a bit bored and * week to.
What do you do?
What do you eat?

I have stuck to syns but eaten alot of yogurt. Will this mean i wont lose anything this week? Its only week 2 for me and i had a small gain last week.:wave_cry:
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I don't think it'll make much of a difference to your weight loss but even if it does sometimes we just have to do what's best at the time. If you can stomach snacking on fruit/veg by itself it's probably better than yogurts but personally I don't think it makes a huge difference. Free food is still healthy stuff, yes it's higher in calories than superfree but we don't count calories thank goodness!


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* week for me too and I've been craving all sorts of goodies, didn't give in though! When I'm bored and want to eat I'll usually down a bottle of water then see how I feel and if I'm still hungry I'll eat free food, or a mugshot, or something low syns like a curly wurly etc. Boredom eating is the worst tho, you never feel full cos you're never not bored.. you need to read a book or play a game if that's the case!

Your gain last week could have been because you were due * week? Syn free yoghurt shouldnt affect your losses! I used to eat about 5 yoghurts a day and still lost weight!
awww thank you, i mean ive not had lots and ive had fruit as well but i still wanted something else. I had a pot of total with options and some fruit and its made me feel less wanting to eat anything else (love the stuff) but i still want to eat. I had lowfat supernoodles for lunch as i jsut couldnt wait and i havnt found them very filling at all :(

Its because my bf goes away for 10 days tomorrow and this morning was the last time i would see him. feeling very sorry for myself.

Thanks everyone.

Wee Doll

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i maintained my weight this week which annoyed me as it was * week last week and i lost 3lbs

i just can figure this out at all lol

as for snacking i have just tasted the tomato and herb mug shot there for the first time and its gorgizzzzzzzz :D yummmmm


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Awww, ten days will fly by! Just imagine the happy reunion you'll have. I was long distance with my guy for a long time and it certainly makes for a marvellous meet after the time away. :D

I comfort eat for different reasons and because I'm stuck in the house all day I always want to be picking. I'm trying to find things to do constantly! If I do get REALLY hungry, I usually have an alpen bar or try and have a cup of tea and a banana.


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:8855: Are we back to the smut?


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when i have those days where i just want to stuff my face non stop i make myself something with rice or pasta and loads of nice roasted veg in it too. a BIG pot full, and then when i feel peckish i just take a portion and heat it up, and when i get bored with it i just add some more free ingredients, so it keeps tasting different.
and eventually i feel so stuffed that i cant eat anything else:D
cause the free stuff is exactly that, free
I got my *week to & last week just wanted to eat myself out of house & home!!

I tried my best to stick to low syn & free foods, banana's, apples grapes etc & was so pleased as I had 1.5lb loss this week :)

I am sure you will be ok - maybe last weeks little gain was due to the impending *week. It can affect you the previous week, that week or sometimes the following week.

Fingers crossed for you :)


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Large glass of squash or cold water. Sometimes we think we are hungry, but we are dehydrated.

Or think of something to do instead - go for a walk, play on the wii, go for a bike ride,watch tv, give yourself a manicure, have a bath, pamper yourself,do a facepack, do a footpack, surf on the internet, send some emails, start a new book, plan your meals for SW the next few days, do some online shopping...i could go on but you would all fall asleep!

If i was wanted to nibble i would do one of the above! Distraction is great therapy!! xx
Thank you so much, i just cant stop and have had a bloomin alpen bar and a banana!
I would be happy with any loss no matter how small, anything!
I think today i want to eat , so i am going to. Will make the best choices i can and not worry too much. Then i will just try to make really good choices the rest of the week and maybe cut back on syns a little. I really feel i need it today, have a stressfull day at uni coming up tomororw to and no bf to make me feel better. Gah. This week sucks lol


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Ohhh, yes. A manicure! Can't open packets with wet fingernails!
Do you know what? Ive actually resorted to uni work...now that is boredom! lol


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I shall have the nicest nails and hands in the world after I'm target!