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Comfort eating

Im sure theres a thread on this topic elsewhere but I couldnt find it so thought id start this one.
My big problem over the years has definitely been comfort eating. When im bored/sad its the 1st thing that enters my mind and nothing will satisfy me until ive eaten enough to burst. While im eating the pizza/chips whatever, im thinking about what i can eat next. Not even enjoyin the food im eating. When u think about it like that it sounds absoltely mental! I hope to break this cycle by not restricting myself to any foods/diets. Just trying to eat 3 sensible meals and anytime i feel bored/sad ill come on this or go for a walk or to the gym or something. It has to stop. Becoming v.unhealthy.
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snap! its my aim at the moment to get to three healthy meals a day and then begin to cut the calories.

I find things like reading good for occupying my mind. Also things like studying. I love to walk - shame the dark nights dont really permit it all that much.
Yeah the freezingness def doesnt help! Keepin busy really does take ur mind off it.x
how about cooking your crave meals from scratch yourself? you can make them healthier and i love cooking now :D
Yup...horrible cycle tarot. Def breakin away from it now. Lvllt yea cookings amazin. Im pretty lazy so dont do it that often but when i do it feels like a great achievement. Foods tastier too
I REALLY noticed this over the weekend, as did my OH.
Saturday I went out with the dog and even did a bit of running (tiny bit) and a little dance work out at home. I was hungry because I'd done exercise, but not snacky or anything.
Sunday I woke up on the wrong side of the bed and was very moody and bored all day. All I wanted to do all day sunday was eat eat eat!
Yeah and u feel soooooo much worse after u give in to it!! :(
Aw that is v.true. Nothing compares to seein those numbers on the scale a bit smaller. Really brightens my day. Food only brightens my day for those few mins (or seconds!) that im eatin it!!

I tend to find that exercise helps me. It motivates me so much with my food.

At the moment my husband wont let me do any physical exercise regularly - although he did say the other night I could start to use my wii fit again. Maybe when he is at work nights/days I could fit 30/60 minutes in. Surely every little helps right?

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