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Complete Light Bulb Moment OMG


Please kick my butt!!
I've just been looking up my BMI and weight on the nhs charts and realised that have to drop nearly 5 stone to get in to the over weight range. OMG what have i been doing to myself all these years?
Why have i never properly realised how heavy and fat i am? i've been yo yo ing for years and always coming up with an excuse to break diets, even when they are working.

I started this with purely selfish reasons following a horrific evening with a friend of mine. I was up to the eyeballs of hearing her say i've done really well this week. i've only had salads twice a day and my breakfast in the mornings. Its this thyroid problem thats done it you know.
Truth is she now has a mildly underactive thyroid that has been caused by being over weight. Its so mild that her GP cant give her any meds and has told her that loosing weight will sort it out. But annoyingly she's happy to use it as an excuse....its so easy for you to loose weight, youdont have an underactive thyroid!!! the cheek!!!

if we stand side by side you would say that she was deffinatly the larger woman (believe me i am not kiddng) yet she believes she is only a size 16-18. at least i admit i'm a 20-22.

Now ive had my lightbulb moment my priorities have changed. I dont want to spend the rest of my life making excuses for my weight, not being able to play with my kids or worse still leaving my kids to fend for themselves coz i'm six feet under.

The added bonus will be to stick my new skinny ass in my friends face and say "no excuses just did it"
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Hi Babycakes, well done you ! Welcome to the forum !
So pleased you have had your lightbulb moment, it's scary looking at the charts isn't it, and then thinking how did it come to this?

I admit I am GREEDY, I use food as REWARD as an emotional CRUTCH it makes me feel BETTER.

My Name is Victoria and I am a Foodaholic !

However 3 weeks in and I have a different attitude, for example I maybe can see what others could see before. I was in a shop and a very large lady was looking at the clothes, I could see she was embarrased as everything seemed to be smaller sizes, THIS WAS ME !

I would feel shame when looking at clothes if slimmer ladies came in, especially in groups as I felt embarrased and uncomfortable.
I realised that I looked and felt unhealthy.

Later I saw a large lady eating a pasty and my first thought was, oh my god did I look like that ? I wanted to go and talk to her about CD.

I don't want to be the 'fat' one among my friends, I don't want to make jokes about myself to people I just meet. (I always would get something in about how I used to be thin blah blah - always bringing attention to the problem.

I want to shop PROUDLY ! Walk into Karen Millen and say 'size 12' please and feel amazing, and SEXY !

Hehe Too Many Caps I am quite passionate during the day about CD, I want to say LOOK AT ME I am doing something about this !

Lightbulb is your first step and the future is yours for the taking - as they say - nothing tastes as good as being thin (or I prefer ideal weight) feels !


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Well done to both of you for those lightbulb moments - I can really relate to both of your stories!

I am 22, and have an 18 month old son, and felt awful. I got to his first birthday last year, and realised I didn't have hardly any photo's of him and I together, I had none from the day he was born - because I knew how fat I was (and not from being pregnant, just from being FAT!) I added so much extra risk to my pregnancy for having such a high BMI, and although I had other problems in my pregnancy too, it could have also been down to my huge weight too. I also realised I had one photo of me and him from his 1st Birthday, and only 1 at Christmas, and it really upset me. I couldn't go on like that, being a risk to myself, and threatening my life, and his life (from the possibility of not being around) and after trying every diet going I decided CD was the way forward.

I have now lost to date 73 lbs, and have gone from 17 stone to 11 stone 11 (as of yesterday) and feel so much better, I know I still have a way to go, but this diet really does work. I am now on the 1000 plan as finances prevented me staying on 810, but slowly it's still coming off, and I hope before xmas this year I will be able to finally get to and stay at my goal - and most importantly I enjoy having photo's with my little man, and my family again (though I'm still a bit nervous how they come out lol)

I've learnt so much from CD, I really do honestly feel I have changed my ways for the better, and no other diet could have taught me as much as CD has.

Anyway, must stop my rambling now - I wish you all the best for the future.
I'm usually over in Maintenance if you ever want a chat, but thought I'd come over here today :)

The best of luck for your continued journey.

Claire xx


Excited about the new me!
Babycake.. well done on starting this brilliant CD. You will be able to watch on your ticker, the lb's disappearing, you'll feel thinner, clothes looser and much fitter. I feel all those things in 7 weeks. You have made the decision to do something about this weight and you are now in control. Feel free to message me if you need any motivation, we all need it from time to time and all of these lovelies on here will give you support almost 247. Enjoy your journey to slimville hun. xx
Best of luck Babycake, your post really struck home with me too - I have assumed all this time I wasn't really fat, just well built and I can carry it off as I'm tall. Truth is, I was huge and getting into the size 20s was just a step too far. So far have lost 31lbs in 9 weeks and that's the best I've ever done. I Looooooooooooovvvvvvvvvve my food and if I can do it, anyone can - it was always the excuses with me too and although this diet is hard, it's uncheatable. The extra incentive to remain in ketosis has helped me.
all the best!
Hiya BC and welcome..
These Lightbulb moments are amazing when they happen, it's like.. "Why on earth couldn't we see this before?"
When I look back at the pic of me at me heaviest, I feel physically sick, I remember many times thinking, how dare XYZ say I am greedy! Thing is I was!
Try not to think of the distance you have to go, it can sometimes seem daunting, it really won't be long before you get there, and then you will be able to look at your friends and say... look this is how it's done!!



WILL be Slim!
i have always said that acknowledgement and acceptance of what you "WERE" are the first very important steps to losing weight for life!

Now you have all that BEHIND you...its not part of your present, or your future....your future is filled with hope and this journey will be such a rollarcoaster, but its a worthwhile one!

Well done hun, and you go show them hun!


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Well done. You sound really positive and that will get you through. This time it's your time. You're ready to lose the weight and start living your life to the full. Good luck and keep us posted on how you're doing xxx

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