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Conference next week.... decision made!


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Hi all,

I am feeling a little nervous!!

I mentioned earlier that I had a conference next week but as I was struglling last week I wasnt sure whether I would go onto re-feed.

Well, I feel much better this week... I havent been perfect but no major slips and still perfecting my LT will-power!

I contacted the organisers this morning and told them I wouldnt be requiring meals next week. It took some explaination but I simply said I was on a severely restricted diet and would supply my own food if they would ensure I had a plug socket and coffee to hand!!

Its a bit of a decision as with LT I find I take 1 day at a time..... this means I have taken 5 whole days in a chunk!!

My biggest concern will be Friday when for the most part I wont have access to a blender. I will try Elle-Em's trick of making it up in a 500ml water bottle!

My daughter is coming with me so she will know what the score is and will gee me along.

I am a bit excited too, that I have made such a decision!!

Its early starts and late nights supervising young people so I know its going to be challenging on many fronts (I dont like early mornings!!! LOL)

I go back on placement the following Monday so hopefully my uniform will be hanging off me!!!
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Well done Theresa! Thats a very big step and well done for taking it and having faith in yourself!

We know you can do it!! Best of luck and I hope it wont be to challenging in all the ways you mean xxxx
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Flippin' well done!!!, that's dedication and a sure-fire way to success!!!! Best of luck.


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well done for making that decision!! that's brilliant news - you'll feel so amzing when you've finished the conference!

good luck tho, early mornings and late nights just dont go well.



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Hurrah - if you can find a proper shaker then so much the better. Even a wide beaker with a lid (which is all the shaker really is after all!) would be great, check supermarket/pound shops for these. Getting the powder into the bottle is NOT easy! buit can be done.

Are you exhibiting at the conference or attending as a delegate?
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Well done for making the decision; you'll feel so much better for it!

If you can get hold of a shaker that would probably make it a lot easier for you! They have some pretty cheap ones on Amazon; which is where I got mine from because my Pharmacy doesn't have them apparently.

Good luck!



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well done t. think of all the choices you won't have to make !! I don't use a blender at work and i work full time. i have mine in a lock and lock tupperware (airtight!) container - I tried the bottle thing but it was way to messy for a clumsy mare like me !

Here is a link to the same one as mine - on ebay, buy it now - 1.99, 1.50 postage - should be here for next week !! and you can keep it, in the car for when you are out and about in the future !!

Lock and & Lock Round 470ML Mixer Container HPL931H on eBay (end time 01-Sep-09 15:53:45 BST)
(hope the link works..)

Caren.xx all power to ya !!:D


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Hi Theresa,
you go girl, delighted you are sticking with LT next week. Wishing you all the best. Enjoy the conference hope supervising all those young ones doesn't give you a headache. Take it easy.
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Good for you hun.

Do get a shaker, either one from those places they sell bodybuilding powders or a Tupperware quick shake (there are 2, a bigger screw top one or a slightly smaller one with a drinking spout - I use one of these when I'm out and about)

Enjoy the conference.



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Hi T

Go girl!! Well done you for making the decision...you obviously took on board what other said and then made your decision. I think you should applaud yourself for this. That type of determination will take you a long way...still take it one day at a time, dont think 5 days incase that just throws you off course entirely, but I dont think it will!

I am so pleased for you and I hope you enjoy the week and also the time with your daughter!

I hope you are rewarded with a uniform that is far too big! That would be lovely for you and you would deserve it so much.

I hope you are able to get a shaker as it will make your life so much easier.

Take care


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Thanks guys!!!

I already have a shaker but I am not too keen on it but it will do when the going gets tough!!! I never thought about how I would get the powder into the bottle..... LOL

I like my shakes with loads of ice so this is something I need to think about. I will have access to a fridge but dont know if it has a freezer compartment, most dont these days!!

I am going to get an ice cube tray to take with me so I have it to hand but again will play the whole thing by ear. I will also look for a funnel so I might be able to get the powder into the bottle!! Hahaha

My daughter is a delegate and I offered to go as a leader as this is all done through our youth club. I cant wait, 250 young people from Ireland, the UK, America, Korea, Africa and possibly some European states!!

Will be a crazy week but loads of fun! Lights out is midnight and the kids are supposed to be up for breakfast at 8am.... Bet they manage that better than me!!

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