Confession Corner! Be Brave x


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Hello all,

I am setting up a confession corner to confess any sins

It doesnt have to be while ur on the diet, things you used to do that are very very bad foodwise, things we dont wana go back to!

I will be adding a lengthy list, this thread is to remind us things we have done and when we are tempted to cheat it will point out how we got to the size we are unhappy with xx
Haha brilliant, doesnt have to be food related, confessions to give us a giggle wud be good x
every sunday at work i used to have half a stottie filled with two sausages, half a tray of stuffing or loads of chicken drowned in heinz mayonnaise - accompanied by lots of roasties (also covered in mayo) and then go help myself to handful after handful of the sweets my friend brings in!

Because I never used to plan ahead what i would eat, there were times when I would help myself to food at a friends while I was making myself a drink - stuffing it in my pocket so they wouldnt see me taking it!! (feel bad about this one in particular) or i would have tea at theirs then when i went home have tea again!
LOL @ charliegirl. A friend of mine made her ex-boyf a pie with dog food! And someone I worked with stirred the hateful bosses tea with her (used) pregnancy test stick :D