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Confession is meant to be good for the soul



Bye bye bellies!!!
Forgive me ww for I have gone over points for 2 nights in a row and I currently feel bloated and the size of a well fed baby elephant!
I need to start planning more - I am eating whatever takes my fancy and pointing it. I need to get a grip or Tuesday will be grim!

Oh god, i neeeed to confess. I had a one off on Thursday night, then a one off on Friday and another one off yesterday :rolleyes:, i REALLY must stop having one off treat nights cos they seem to ALWAYS extend to a week * slaps self in head *

I even had peas in the saucepan yesterday and was planning on having a micro cottage pie but when i got it out the freezer i just kept thinking it doesnt look as nice as a kebab :( so i phoned up and got one delivered with large chips ..... then crumble and custard for pudding. I did drink a bottle of water afterwards though.

Im SOOOO bad and i nkwo im not going to have a good WI this week anyway as i have gone from a morning to evening WI so i did even more to sabotague it * another slap for self *

Anyway am off to work now for a bit but for tea tonight we are having chicken pitta with homemade wedges and salad and i have made some 0 point jelly for dessert

I hope never to be back on this thread again lol
I had a major slip up on Friday (a bottle of wine - though it was ww wine, lol, a whole bar of white choc - not a small bar either, a couple of mini rolls and half a large bag of walkers sensations spare rib crackers - yum yum double yum!), but I was good, lol.
Omg where do I start :eek:
Kebab & chips
More wine
Loads of ribs/chicken/kebab on stick/crisps/dips etc
More wine
More wine :eek:
And today the diet has just gone to pot. Know I'm not going to be happy tomorrow at wi but need it to make me get back on track :rolleyes:
(was fun though :giggle:)

If I write really small then maybe you'll all miss this....

I just went shopping and got my little girl a Caramac bar (which I forgot were so goegeous!!!!) and I ended up eating half of it! Doh! Now I'm gonna go 2 points over today if I have my planned dinner. OH!!

I may also have gone 1pt over yesterday.

Friday is gonna be a complete write off, which has already got me thinking "oh what's the point" and I'm on the verge of a binge!! Argh!!!

Oh dear....
Marie could you possibly write that a little bigger the only thing I managed to pick up off of that was the 2 pts over 1 pt over and binge......I do hope my eyesight is failing me and that I am wrong..........Tut tut!! :D
Lol Marie, you do tickle me! It's not that bad love, you can make them up in a day.
Try and stick with it and just enjoy yourself on Fri (I know you will) and I look forward to reading your ramblings :D
I too am having difficulty with my eyesight!

All I can say, if I have got the gist of the post, is that you shouldn't give up on today, claw back what you can, and start with the clean slate tomorrow x x x

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