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Hey, I'm back. Again.
I have decided that I simply cannot do a vlcd. I just don't have the wherewithall to do it. And then when I start getting shaky with the program, I start getting depressed and then drop it and then am like "oh, what's the use anyway."
And I hide. Well from you all at least. I just get so embarrassed and feel like not only am I letting myself down but all of you as well and how you are all so much more disciplined and will think less of me.......... :cry: And I just can't face this group feeling like I have not been able to make it work.
And that is all paranoid thinking but it is how I feel.
So, I have decided to LET IT GO and move on.

Vlcd's don't work for me (or at least not at the moment) and I feel that over focusing on it hinders any possible success I might have otherwise. So, I am going to continue on sllllloooowwww and steady. It might take me another year to lose 1 1/2st but if I can do it, then that's okay.

And that is what I have come to realize about myself and this whole diet situation with me.

So, I hope you guys won't reject me because I am a complete failure with the discipline needed for vlcd but will will accept me even though I am being a bit all over the place in how I am trying to lose this extra bit of weight.....

Thanks for "listening." :)
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of course you are accepted here just as you are!

you shouldn't feel you have to hide when it all goes rubbish either, thats when the whole group support here kicks in.

It has been said before that vlcd do not suit everyone so you have absolutely nothing to be ashamed of, you gave it a go and you've lost a bit of weight along the way already so theres nothing negative about that!

Controlling our weight is going to be a lifelong journey for most of us, and taking a bit longer to lose yours really doesn't matter when you look at the big picture.

Don't beat yourself up, just be kind to yourself, move forwards however you feel you can, just don't go backwards.

If you fall on any plan just get up as soon as you can and go on.

I have discovered lately with my own lapses, I have come to accept it doesn't matter. A step back now and then does not need to last, two steps forward one step back will still eventually get me where I want to be, and you can too!

Best Wishes to you


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You really need to not be so hard on yourself over this. I truly believe that a VLCD is just not for everyone - I don't think this is anything to do with one person being stronger than another.

I'm not strong where food is concerned but the reason this works for me is because I'm a rule follower - I'm a 'good girl' if you know what I mean. I can follow rules, instructions etc to the letter and that's fine. I need that structure. I can't make a decision on something without checking with my husband I'm doing the right thing!

So don't be hard on yourself and don't give up - I don't mean on the VLCD I mean with yourself. You haven't got too far to go now, take it easy building up your cals so you don't gain a big chunk of weight. Then find a plan you like and that makes you happy :)

Good luck chick xxxx


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ahhhh dont feel so down on urself! loads of people feel this way but they just slope off with nothing said and then all u see posted are the great losers and shakers!!

thats not the case at all though...just some are braver admitting it (like you xx)

I have admitted defeat with CD. I find SSing ok but not how it leaves me feeling so low on energy and although i am happy when i am losing, i am quickly irritated and a pain to live with.

I am gonna hop over to herbalife as the loss is meant to be as good as CD from the results i have read about and it means i can eat with my family and maybe (MAYBE) be a bit more energetic and chirpy.

I dont feel i am letting anyone down here as this is MY journey and when i am on here...i am only looking for and to support others thru good and bad. NEVER EVER to snigger at them or roll my eyes at what they r upto. i would be mortified to think people are doing that to me.

this is why i hate to see people feeling like "failures" and really doing themselves down or saying they r letting others down. sod the lot of us if we ever thought ur hiccups were a burden on us!

Im pretty sure we just all want eachother to do well and be there for eachother when we dont. if ur focus isnt on this particular diet, theres probably reasons for it and it in no way means ur focus cant be on another plan that will work much better for you. its all trial and error and u never need to feel u r fumbling along alone. minimins is full of us all looking for support and encouragement, not to mention the odd sholder to lean on or kick up the butt. if we were all perfect then we wouldnt need a forum like this lol.

so! u r NOT a failure. keep thinking like that lady and u will never get where u r going. a certain plan isnt working for you so find another. u r strong by default (being female!) and u can lose this weight!!! u just need to do it in a way that suits you and not let negative thoughts about urself sabotage you. any negative labels u want to put on urself are LIES!! u can and will do this.

Here Here!!!!
I totally agree with all of what Karen said...
God it has taken me 20 years of dieting to find somthing that is working.. I have probably lost 90st over the years going up and down and paid out thousands of pounds in the process....
countless times I have cried myself to sleep wishing i would wake up in the morning in a slim healthy body ( usually after coming off yet another diet plan)...
I have hoped for the day things would just click in my head and I would become this Super Dieter and lose it all...

I applaud your bravery in posting what you did.. If your anything like me admitting somthing on here is like addmitting it to yourelf and you are the hardest person to lie to....
I wish you every success with your journey.. what ever you do I am sure everyone is with you all the way.. I know I am....:grouphugg:

Kindest regards
My goodness Cait I would never reject you because VLCD does not work with you, you are not a failure. Your new choice of diet may be just the right one for you, we all have to find one that works for us and our own lifestyle....Chin up and be happy, I know you will succeed! Angela x

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