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Confidence to go on holiday and eat

I thought I would share my experience of gaining weight on holiday in case it reassures others. In brief I had lost 58 lbs over 18 weeks on CD and was due to go on a luxury cruise reknowned for its food. I was worried that if it would spoil the holiday if I avoided the food (and drink) on offer, but that I would hate to see the weight increase when I had worked so hard to take it off.

I decided based on reassurance from my CDC to eat what I wanted whilst on the cruise and then go straight back on the plan. I also made sure I swam whenever the weather permitted, and walked round the prom deck. When I came back I had put 4lbs on, so I went straight onto SS. I have been on it for 4 days now, have lost all the 4lbs, and have just got back into ketosis.

When I think of all the heart searching I did before agreeing to go on the cruise, it made me want to let others know that an off plan holiday does not cause as much damage as we may expect.
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Hi Staff, thanks for posting this, I finish SS on Wednesday and am on holiday in 3 weeks. I am also afraid but plan to be sensible (ie not eat everything in sight) and do lots of walking.

I know I may need to SS again as I would like to be lower however I am trying to think positive and remind myself that I can and have done it already therefore I know the drill.

I don't mind no alcohol, and have chosen restaurants which serve things like fish, chicken etc and will ask for dressings on the side. I am hoping I won't go mad, and be able to get back on plan when I return.

So thanks for your post, 4lbs isn't much and also the fact you have it back off days later is brilliant !!!!!!!!


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i did SS on holiday and it was painful...but achievable! it was more about an emotional break for me...to get out of that habitual holiday eating mindset!

I have stuck to plan for 20 weeks....and in 2 weeks my mate is getting married, and i'm going to have a day off plan, the first one ever! I'm not drinking as i'm driving so will be able to make proper decisions about my food, but i'm actually going to eat what i want and then get back on plan the next day!
I'm so close to goal, but i'm also aware that life goes on beyond CD...so if it sets me back a couple of days then so be it! Sometimes the mental place your in is more important than the physical one!
Me either. Going in 2 weeks and on 1200 plan now. Just couldn't do it, more because I wouldn't want to - having spent so much money on holiday the eating out is part of it for me.

Everyone is different I guess and I can understand why people would stick to SS.

Can vouch for that :D

I'd never do ss on holiday :) and glad I never
Me either. Going in 2 weeks and on 1200 plan now. Just couldn't do it, more because I wouldn't want to - having spent so much money on holiday the eating out is part of it for me.

Everyone is different I guess and I can understand why people would stick to SS.

I agree here. We've worked hard for our Kenya holiday in 5 weeks and intend to enjoy the food (well, it is all inclusive). While I will make sensible choices, I dont intend to diet. What I intend to do is get straight back in SS when I get home :D
For anyone who wants to still exercise a little control over meal choices, I found that reading the Atkins plan and sticking to that helped - we were full board buffet on holiday and I really ate well but stayed away from the pastries, bread, potatoes, pasta and cakes and came back only 2lbs up which quickly went. I never left without being satisfied and was pleased it only showed as 2lbs. Not overloading with the carbs kept the cravings down and I didn't have one icecream either while away which is unheard of for me!
We have booked for Half Board at Disney, booked before I started CD. I am going to make sure that fish and chicken are the order of the day, vegetables and stay away from desserts, which is fine as I prefer savoury, especially after all the sweet shakes and bars I have consumed in the last 82 days !

I don't mind a bit of SS when I come back, I will miss a weigh in - going on a Sunday night, back Thursday, but hoping if I put on I can lose it by the following ednesday weigh in !!!
Well I'm going to do the unthinkable and not do SS when I get back!!!

I was actually planning on it, but have decided that for me I'm maintaining now and if I overindulge on holiday then I'll accept that and go back to 1200 and exercising. It will come off.

I'm doing that because I have had such issues with food that it's taken me ages to work up the plans. I tried 1000 and then had a complete panic breakdown and ended up back on antidepressants because the scales didn't move. That's not a good place to be.


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Sorry to hear that Lizz, I am on anti depressants too, and don't see ss as my future, I am focussed on my fertility appointment on the 15th, then I will take it from there, its the only way I can get through this, as food is a HUGE issue for me too, I am surprised I have lasted this long tbh!
I plan to switch to ww as soon as I hit the 14's, and I know if the fertility clinic knew I was doing cambridge they would tell me not to do it, so what they don't know won't harm them!
Hope you all have fab holidays and enjoy your food!!!!!!! Jealous!!!!
I plan to switch to ww as soon as I hit the 14's, QUOTE]

If you want to come off the diet, then thats fine, but you need to work up the plans properly to avoid a glycogen gain! It only takes a few weeks and you will still lose weight but you'll also be eating so mentally it might work better for you on a long term basis



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I plan to work up the plans toots, but hoping I will be pregnant before I hit the 14's anyway :D then I will just follow a sensible diet, and fingers crossed loose some weight whilst I am pregnant too!
Who knows when I hit the 14's I might not want to stop ss, but until I do, the thought of it is keeping me going! x
then your doing better than me hun! lol
All i can think about is food today! DAMN EMOTIONAL EATING!!! :(


Happiness in a shake!
you have done unbelievably well toots, please, please don't give in to those effin head monsters now! 20 weeks, jeeeeeeeeessssssssussss I have been hanging by a thread and its only day 14!!!!!!! Sollow some water, look at your gorgeous new skinny clothes and get a hug from Simon, you can do this hun x
hi all, just come back from 2 weeks all inclusive, eat what i wanted but didnt go crazy and gained 10lb but have lost 4lb in the two days so far i have been back on ss, so hopefully will get the rest off this week! glad that i ate, enjoyed it and now getting my head down till goal, hopefully at xmas. most of this gain will be water/ glycogen so will hopefully come off as quick as it came on lol!
It will! I've done it several times - I'm lucky that I get to go on holiday 3 times a year but it plays havoc with the dieting! I always have a good holiday and eat what I want - to be honest I get full really quickly these days - we aren't used to getting much are we? At worst I put around 7-10 lbs on. The first time it happened I got it off in just over a week. Nowadays I only put on about 3-4 lbs each time I go away but if you get straight back into the zone when you get home it moves off pretty quickly.
I hope you all do well with your holidays and I don't really think there is an alternative to breaking diet. But just a word of caution. I was 7 weeks into diet when I went on holiday to Madeira for 3 weeks. I ate very healthily and walked a lot and only gained about 3 or 4lb but the problem was that it has taken me from end July until now to get back on diet- I've still not really gained but could have been nearly at target by now when instead I've still 3 stone to lose. Anyway, not everyone's as weak willed as me but just be careful and get back on immediately after you get back.
I definately think that eating on hols is the way to go, your on holiday after all and i think its a good test to see how you deal with eating food and if you can be sensible! Thats the problem with finishing diets and then putting weight back on, you dont always make the sensible choices when it comes to food, i know that my prob!
The good thing is coming back and going straight back on it, thats dedication xx

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