Confused about eating windows?

Discussion in 'JUDDD / Intermittent Fasting' started by Laney, 22 December 2013 Social URL.

  1. Laney

    Laney Full Member

    Hi all, I am currently doing the old 'vintage' weightwatchers system and doing ok so far but I like the idea of JUDD. I keep reading about these 'eating windows' can someone please explain what it is and do you do it on both normal and fasting days?
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  3. carrot_tit

    carrot_tit Gold Member

    An eating window is where you only have a set amount of hours during the day when you can eat. For example i do 16/8 which means i fast for 16hours per day and eat between 2pm and 10pm. There's also Fast 5 where you only have a 5 hour window in which to eat and you fast for the remaining 19hours a day. Alternatively some people fast for 24hours a couple of times a week. So they might stop eating at 6pm on a Monday and start eating again at 6pm on Tuesday.

    If you're doing JUDDD or 5:2 you'll eat your restricted calories on your DD at a time to suit you. When i tried 5:2 i used to save all my calories for the evening as i found that easier.

    Hope this helps :)
  4. Laney

    Laney Full Member

    Thanks Sarah, that's cleared it up for me. I was thinking of doing the 5:2 diet and on my fast days using the remainder of my exante diet shakes (before they expire) would I be ok to spread these out on DD do you think? x
  5. carrot_tit

    carrot_tit Gold Member

    So sorry Elaine i never saw your post. Experiment a bit and see how you get on. I know Dr M who devised the diet ate two meals a day on his DD's. One for breakfast and one for tea so that he got quite a few hours in between his meals. But i also know people who eat 3 small meals spread out during the day. You need to experiment and see what works for you. Dr Johnson who devised JUDDD did recommend that people use meal replacement drinks to help them get used to the fasting process so i don't see any problems with you using up your exante shakes. Seems a shame to allow them to go to waste.

    Happy New Year to you x
  6. Laney

    Laney Full Member

    Happy New Year to you too and thanks for the info. I have started this already and finding it ok although I forgot which day I did actually start properly but I'm just going to keep checking my weight although not daily (bad!) but more weekly. I'm going to say I started this Monday just gone so will weigh in next week. My ticker is from messing about before so I think I'll have to update that.

    Good Luck everyone
  7. Laney

    Laney Full Member

    OK, 2lbs off over a very busy time is fine by me. I've found this quite easy to follow so hopefully this will now be a continuous loss. Here's to a better year!

    Week 1 - 2lb loss
  8. carrot_tit

    carrot_tit Gold Member

    Yay! Well done on your loss!
  9. Laney

    Laney Full Member

    Well, that's week 2 complete, I've done a couple of 'juicing' days, mainly to try and improve my terrible skin. Again, haven't found it too difficult this week and another 2lbs off, so I'm a happy bunny.

    Week 1 - 2lb loss
    Week 2 - 2lb loss :)

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