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Confused about JUDDD???

Hiya there... I'm only in my first week of JUDDD and still awaiting the book from Amazon... but the basics of the diet are as follows..

The week is broken up into Up Days and Down Days... the Down days are where you limit your calorie intake to 500 cals or less, and then your Up Days are where you can eat sensibly without counting calories, eating enough to be comfortable but not stuffed...

And it works... well for most of us on here anyway.

There is also a scientific version of how it works but I will leave that to one of the others to explain :D:D

yeah you start on which ever day you want, then alternate between the two days ..

For example I started last Sunday, weighed myself and then had an Up day, I've had alternate days for the remainder of the week, and I will get weighed on Saturday... you should always weigh yourself after a DownDay for consistency..

Although I have done a sneaky peek this morning and have lost 5lbs so far ... I'm not noting this down on the loss pages until it has been confirmed on Saturday but I am over the moon... I didn't even get that doing CD SS 100%

Hope that this helps....

yesterday was a Down day for me so I had

2 x Alpen Light Bars =120
1 bag Quavers = 87
I Tin Tuna in Brine with large Rocket salad = 170 ish
2 x Vodka and Diet Coke = 100

Today is an Up down so I am not counting calories, but so far I have had a toasted bagel with a smear of Flora margarine

Hope that this helps

Are you interested in joining us ????

To be honest I have been a right diet tart in the last 12 months...
I have dabbled in Lipotrim, Cambridge, Slimming World, Weightwatcher... starvation !! but nothing has given me the results that I wanted to get in the time I wanted... then when I ws getting to the end of my tether, I read someone's post on here about JUDDD, did some research and loved the sound of it...

Like I said I started on Sunday on a UD and just haven't looked back...
Yes give it a go Ag! IT is a great plan and seems to be suiting us all very well. I'm finding it easy to stick to, I've really got into the swing of it now and didn't even feel the slighest bit hungry on my down day yesterday. If you look in the diary section you'll see xamples of what we're having to eat on a dd. It's surprising how much you can have for 500 cals! As long as you plan it right it's quite easy to stick to.

Let us know if you start, good luck hun x
What diets have you done in the past, AG?
Slimming World, WW although not for a lot of years, CD, LL, Atkins, the 3 day one from the hospital, starvation, fruit..... etc.

That's all I can remember for now. lol!

Did they work for you or did you just give them up? Not many diets have actually worked and I have been unable to reach my goal weight even when sticking to them. CD worked, I just couldn't stick to it!
Yer they all worked I suppose it's just I don't stick with them. CD was the best I lost almost 3 stone in no time at all but it made me so misserable and moody so gave up and of couse put it all back on.

Yes CD was actually giving me depression. I'm a very upbeat happy person. Don't get me wrong I've been unhappy in my life but this was different. I couldn't shake off this feeling. so I had to stop it s I couldn't bear to feel like that again. It's a shame though cos it works so well. Don't know what the results will be like for JUDDD yet but I'm very hopeful. Certainly a whole lot easier to do than CD.
Good luck for Monday then Ag, nice to have you with us :D

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