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confused! milk pop?

Hi everyone

Can anyone tell me if you can have milk in your tea and coffee on Cd SS?
I only have 2 cups of coffee max per day, but heard that milk is ok?
Is it or will it take ya outta Ketosis?

Also i heard that on CD SS your allowed one half of diet fizzy pop like 0 cal but only one half pint per day, is this right? or again will it take you out of ketosis?

Can anyone help, as im on day one and am already confued and dying for a coffee, but cant drink it black.

Thanks in advance x
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Asked question of my CDC answer is no unless you are on SS+skimmed milk. I've recently started drinking green tea or green tea with mint. Gave up my beloved coffee as it makes me want to eat! Try the green tea, can be acquired taste but I love it now, and a great detoxer.
Thanks for that Tracy

Im sorry to sound a bit thick, but what is the SS + skimmed milk?

I am doing the SS but not heard the ss skimmed milk?

Thanks in advance

Hi Kate

I will tell you what I do but its not "official" cambridge, SS is 3 shakes (or 4 if over 5 foot 7) and water, you may have 1 scoop of mix a mousse and t tsp of water flavouring per day, however some people are so sensitive to even the water flavouring that they cant have that without being knocked out of ketosis...however I do have around 2-3 cups of tea per day and sometimes a small bottle of coke zero, when i say 2-3 cups of ea i only have a dash of milk as my first week I was having 2-3 cups of coffee but I always put too much milk in my coffee as I cannot stand it strong and I defo was not going into ketosis properly, i hope this has helped and to be honest if you really need the teas and coffees as I do then its just trial and error, I do know if i totally stopped all the teas I would probably lose a bit more per month but to be honest I find the diet more bearable with my hot drinks.

Hope this helps xx

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