Confused weight loss rubbish?


Hi I have my weigh-in tomorrow and my scales are saying just 1lbs lost HOW? I have stuck to plan 110% I have lots to lose and on saturday it said id lost 3lbs,I think it maybe my totm having a coil Im not sure so I suppose it could be water retention but I dnt think going to class with a 1 lbs loss on week one looks great and I have honestly not gone off the plan once?
Anyone? :cry::cry::cry:
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stop weighing yourself hun!

I would say stop weighing yourself. I have found that weighing myself through the week was making me paranoid and go off plan cos I felt depressed.

Just get weighed once a week at class and throw your own scales away! It's too tempting to keep jumping on, and it knocks you when you don't see the result you want.

I was exactly the same - I weighed myself in Boots 5 days into plan and it said I had only lost 2lbs, I was gutted. However, when I got weighed at class the next day, I had actually lost 7lbs! I was totally shocked!

I threw my scales out 3 weeks ago, and I firmly believe thats one of the main reasons I have actually managed to stick to the plan for 3 weeks (lucky if I normally manage 1 week! :D)

SO go to class and trust that weight and stick with once a week weigh ins at class and see if that helps...

Good luck hun!



Thanx xx

Thanx Linz :) my scales said identical to the class ones week one I do agree 100% about the scales though they make it harder as its addictive to weigh to see if its working,I have been ill so maybe thats not helping with the loss though I havent gone off plan,Id just be embrassed if week 1 was - 1lbs as it will seem like I havent stuck with it you see :cry:.
I will see how the weigh-in goes and just keep at it.Boots scales are bad bad bad I think they make them heavier as when I did Lighterlife :eek: I weighed on Boots and they made me 8lbs heavier than my home sclaes.3 days later went to session and Id lost what my home scales had said all along,I suppose with Boots scales they are in the diet/slimming products so it maybe a sales ploy?
Thanks again I have to do this as my next step is Gastric surgery and Im a little scared with that.....
Well done you :D xx


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My scales used to be the same as the ones in class but now they weight 2lbs difference. Your own bathroom scales are more tempremental than the professional ones, so as tempting as it may be i totally agree with Linz and don't get on them at all


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Totaly agree with only getting weighed on the class scales once a week, jumping on your own during the week can have a bad effect on you if you see they have gone up a pound or two, because you then feel low and EAT! You can get on the scales at different time during the same day and you won't get the same reading, try and stay off them, tempting as it is. Good luck for your class weigh-in.


I am not doing Rc as week 1 was 2lbs lost week 2 was 1lbs lost and I have stuck to 1200 cals and exercised,this happened last time I did the RC plan week 1 3lbs week 2 1.5 lbs weeks 3 and 4 0lbs and I was doing 2 classes a week and stuck to plan,slimming world never works for me eirther,WW does so I think maybe go for what works?
Good luck guys xx


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I'm sorry you feel like that hun, are you sure you have no underlying medical problems that maybe hindering your weight loss, maybe thyroid? If you have honestly stuck to the plan 100% and these are your results then I think I would maybe make an appointment and discuss it with your doctor just to check things out. Whatever you decide to do I wish you lots of luck and hope you achieve your goal.