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hiiii :wave_cry:
i joined monday nite to a sw club ! id been weighing my self at home,& doing the diet & i always fort i was 14st4! so went to my first meeting that night & im 14st8 eeekkk!!! ive been doing the diet for a week aswell, so did i weigh more then 14.8 then lost some in my first wk? ???? my scales r like 4 pound off!!??? that even possible???? :eek: my friends got weighed on my scales too and they were only couple of pounds off :( scared now that im not gna loose ne thing next monday!!!
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It will be your scales that are wrong. Just use the SW ones from now on to know your weight. Bathroom scales however good they seem just aren't as accurate. My C said last night that theirs cost £1000.:eek: So yes you may have weighed more than 14.8 when you started and lost some in your first week.
If your going to class use only their scales as an accurate reflection as your weight, they self calibrate and therefore are very accurate. Bathroom scales are not the most accurate things on the planet, depends on them being in the exact same spot every time you stand on them, you being stood the exact same way with your weight distributed through them in the exact same way.

I have magic bathroom scales at home you get on and it gives you 1 weight you get off get on again and its 3lbs lighter it does this about 3 times till you can lose nearly a stone ! they never match the ones at class but sometimes its great to do for a laugh


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I bought really good scales as I was annoyed with the nonsense readings my previous scales were churning out.

While quite accurate, the advice above is valid. They still vary slightly depending on exact location, and will also vary if I change my posture while standing on the scales.

The SW scales won't do this, and they will be consistent every week, so best advice (if you can do it) is to stick to those, as the others have said.


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Yes, I agree go by the SW scales.
My old scales were rubbish so I bought new ones that go right down to .2 of a pound...
Great, I thought, I can watch carefully as I am struggling a bit with maintaining and can't lose more!
I jumped on the scales and it showed I gained 8 pounds in a day... I got off, back again and was STS!
Humph, I'll use them for a very rough guide but SW are the accurate ones!


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Yep, I have the WW scales and thought they were good, but once I got to SW I had a different weight altogether (in a GOOD way ). Now i don't bother weighing myself at home, I just wait for WI.
I also had the WW scales, they are out too! They aren't too bad but I am tempted to hop on them all the time. Last week I did it it showed a 4lb gain which is completely incorrect. So, for this week on I have promised myself to stay OFF the scales and wait until WI. It's still demotiviating even if they are wrong - Throw them away ladies!! x
All scales are poo! Except for WI ones, and some at the gyms... The Wii Fit claimed I was 9 and a half stones (those were the days!) two nights ago, then when I went on it yesterday morning, I'd gained 6lbs... After a 20 min jog, it proceeded to tell me I'd gained another 2lbs! Last night, I was 9st13lbs, but last week on my bathroom scales, I was 10st12lbs!


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