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Considering Cambridge -advice!

S: 13st7lb C: 13st0lb G: 9st13lb BMI: 32.2 Loss: 0st7lb(3.7%)
Hi all,
Am considering the Cambridge Diet because from the success so many of you have had:), and the speed with which it happens, it appeals to me so much more than WW or any other type of diet, esp since I have been on and off diets for years, and none have made much difference.
One question - can I just go cold turkey and take the plunge straight away with SS, or should I go down through the stages as I read one person suggesting on here? I would prefer to just start, because I want to start losing weight a.s.a.p, and at the moment am the busiest I will probably ever be at work, so don't want to have to spend time thinking about food, and would rather do that once I have made some progress.
What does everyone think?
And also, how do you handle telling your friends/work colleagues etc that you're on this fairly extreme diet? I know my work colleagues would think it wierd! :(
Would be great to hear from other people with advice on what it is actually like to be on the diet, rather than the food/meal aspects of it, which I reckon I can deal with (because you just have to!), but it is the social aspects I think I'll find hard!
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You can just start SS or you can do some preparation first, up to the individual.

If you know you are starting then cut out the carbs now and up your water intake.

Make sure you get hold of a counsellor as soon as poss so they can make sure you are safe and sound on the diet etc.

In terms of telling people then personally I told the world I was doing it and that worked for me but different people do it differently.

Saying that BE PROUD! You are losing weight so you live longer and look and feal healthier and hence take pride in that control.


S: 17st4lb C: 16st11lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 43 Loss: 0st7lb(2.89%)
I dived straight into SS, as do many people. I know the 'ideal' is to carb-down but I know I'm not alone in being one of those who did the 'last-supper' thing!

As for telling others - I told everyone straight away because I knew it would be harder to back down without getting egg on my face. Yes - some people thought it was 'wierd' and some people tut-tutted but when the weight began literally dropping off, they stopped with the comments and several even started CD themselves!
Remember, people tend to criticise what they don't understand. I did plenty of research into VLCDs and their safety so I had come-backs to any negative comments!

Good luck!
Do you have much to lose?


Cambridge Counsellor
I've always gone cold turkey. And it works for me. Although I do mention the preparation stage to everyone I see, to be honest, no-one wants to do it, they all want to start straight away. And I let them with the understanding that if they find it's too hard for them, they have to get in touch so we can discuss going up a stage.

As Mike says, if you start drinking your 2.25l of water every day and cut some carbs out, you'll have done the prep stage anyway.

Good luck. It's a fab diet. And the only way I'd ever be able to lose 6st 7lbs+
S: 13st7lb C: 13st0lb G: 9st13lb BMI: 32.2 Loss: 0st7lb(3.7%)
Thanks for all the advice. THink I will just start straight away. I don't eat many carbs as it is, and already drink quite a lot of water, so I'll just make sure I keep that up, and will be more conscious not to eat carbs.
I am actually not sure how much I want to lose! I was going to discuss that with my CDC. I would ideally like to be a size 12, but I can but dream! At the minute I am 13 1/2 stone, and only 5ft 1, so I guess I have at least 3 stone to go! Eeek, that sounds so unachieveable!
The other thing I am worried about is that I have (possibly too much information here!) really large breasts (36GG), and if I lose lots of weight they will look like deflated pillows! Does anyone else have any experience with this?!
Not had the boob problem myself :) but certainly ladies who lose large amount of weight do say that it is a problem, my advise is that it is no reason not to lose weight and when you are at goal weight and have maintained for a period of time then make a decision on whether you are happy with your boobs or want to go and get them sorted out.

Hi, yes i'm also one of the one's who had a last supper! I went straight into SS as i also wanted to get started straight away. My first 3 days were the worst but boy oh boy were they worth it!

I told everyone about the diet, most people were interested but of course there were the one's who said i would make myself ill and "your just starving yourself" but every where has these people who like to give you there opinion without knowing the facts so you have to rise above them and enjoy proving them wrong!

I've been doing this diet for just over 3 months now and i've been in lots of social situations i didn't think i could get through (last week it was a collegues leaving do at the all you can eat chinese!) but i didn't eat/drink a thing and i enjoyed myself! any other diet i would have eaten loads and thought i'll be good tomorrow!!

CD is the best, it really has been a life changing experence already and i would recommend it to anyone :)

Good luck
I have gone from a 40 ff, down to a 35 E and to be honest they don`t look too bad lol...
I have decided that When I get down to where I want to be I will deal with them thenand see what there like.
Its my bingo wings that are my problem area, but i`d rather have them and be 4 dress sizes smaller !!
My advice would be give it a go, if you stick to it you can`t fail and only have the weight to lose.
Whatever you decide you will get tons of support and advice on here.x x x


Loving the Cambridge Diet
I had very large boobs when I started and yes they have shrunk quite a bit but have had no problems in the empty sack department! I was a GG when I started and now a D cup, which is where they will probably stay!!

Don't let that put you off, though, they are more comfortable smaller!

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