considering converting!! Any help pweeeze!!


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Hi! Currently I'm doing sw from home as literaly am poor at the moment. Been in my overdraft to the max for ages and had to really budget this week :( had 20 pound only to spend on a weekly shop for a family of 4 :(

I also work a lot and sometimes am stressed and find I don't have time to stick to sw :( so am not doin well.

I was thinking ww would fit in with my lifestyle much better for me to lose weight.

Done discovery before but didn't last long on it as things got in the way.

I would like to do the new pro points plan but have noooo idea where to start or anything

Any help would be great. Tried to research a bit online but it's got no where

Thanks :)

Start weight: 14s 7lb Current weight: 14s 1lb Loss: 6lb
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Hiya :)

I used to do SW as well and although I lost a lot of weight on it, I thought it really was expensive too to have all the free food, so im doing WW pro points :)

Basically, depending on your height, weight and age, you get given a number of points per day and an extra 49 points per week.

The 'average' woman - I say this loosely! is on 29 points a day, and EVERYONE on the plan has those extra 49.

You can either use the extra 49 points spread out over the week on the days you think you need them or on the weekend if u like to have a glass (or bottle!) of wine.

My average food diary would be something like this -

Brekkie -
1 pkt small cereal and milk, chopped banana, tsp. honey - 6 pp
lunch - ww pitta, ham, salad, bag of crisps - 8pp
dinner - chicken stuffed with cream cheese, butternut squash chips n roasted veg - 8pp
Treats - bag of choc buttons - 4pp, bag of crisps - 4pp =8pp
total daily spend: 30, 29 propoints 1 weekly propoint.

You can also 'earn back' points by doing exercise. these are called activity propoints. for example, if u do 20 mins of medium intensity exercise, u can earn back between 1 and 3 points depending on ur weight.

I would recommend u buy the pocket guide - if u can get hold of it on ebay or somewhere. thats where i bought mine. you dont need anything like the eating out guides or shopping guides - this pocket guide has most of the info u need. It tells you the porpoints for lots of basic foods like chicken, eggs, cheese, bread etc. i take mine to the supermarket :)

U could also buy a ww propoints starter pack from ebay, theyre around £16. they contain the pocket guide, a few issues of 'your week' which gives you recipe ideas, some 'track' books so you can write down everything you eat, as well as a couple of other books with more information. i would recommend looking on google for a free propoints calculator and you simply input the data and it gives you the points value.

I hope that helps a bit :)