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considering starting


cos i need this xxx
Hi there, I have about 8 st to lose and am thinking of starting lighterlife. Ive tried Cambridge 3 times and not managed longer than 3 weeks, but have been told the counselling with lighterlife is alot better and that it can be easier. Has anyone got any views on this or on whether lighterlife is good or not?

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ive done both cambridge and LL and I can honestly say that LL is the better one (personally).
I would say go for it!!!
The councelling bit def is beneficial and to belong to a 'group' Cambridge can be lonely sometimes i found! I find you stay more focused on LL (personal opinion again)
Good luck if you decide to join!


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I agree with Tia! Having done both LL and CD I feel that having the group meetings and the counselling sessions are invaluable and massively impact my success, and my longevity. !
Whilst the cd has a greater variety of flavours in the foodpacks, and has the convenient tetra packs , I didn't get the support or motivation I needed from the counsellor and so never stayed for more than a few weeks!
Added to which, the cd counsellor does nothing more than weights and measurements, so never addresses or tackles the underlying issues that got us to where we are!

So, my $0.02 is that LL is the better option!

Good luck either way! Seeing as youve found minimins, I'm sure you'll have plenty of support on here too!!

Hope to talk soon!! Xxx