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Constipation (information & treatment options)

Hi all

Constipation is a common side-effect of VLCDs due to the lack of fibre (a natural bulk forming laxative normally present in conventional diets)

Here are few links to reputable sites explaining constipation and how it can be treated/managed.

Constipation in Adults | Health | Patient UK Information on cause and treatment (including laxative advice).

Fibre and Fibre Supplements | Health | Patient UK Interestingly fibre supplements can take up to 4 weeks to take effect & can can cause bloating and wind as a side effect.

Constipation - NHS Choices

Treatments for constipation A list of all the treatments available with specific information on each type.

Prolonged use of any laxative (including osmotic ones) can increase risk of serious health problems as they affect the electrolyte (salts and minerals) imbalance of the body and can also cause dehydration as well as affecting the muscular contractions of the bowel.

NB: ALWAYS read the info leaflet of any medicines you buy for product specific information.

Impaction is an infrequent but serious complication of constipation; if you are concerned that you may be impacted please see your GP.

Hope this helps :)

Happy Bowel Movements :p
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Re: Constipation (information & treatment options)

U r a mind if information goreygirl n good timing on the post as I'm off to brave the elements soon n get to the chemist for something...... Anything! Just a quick question though you did previously recommend lactulose and movicol together right? But on that link they are kinda the same thing.... Or am I being even dumber than usual lol


Yes you are right; they both work in similar ways (but using different chemical compounds). I got movicol mixed up with another brand you can get over here (the brand names of many medicines are different between UK and Ireland and whereas I know all the UK ones I'm still getting to grips with the Irish ones).
Can you have linseed? I always find this helps me
Dulco lax helped yesterday only one tablet
Have ordered some psyllium s to see how they go

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Alfielulu said:
Have ordered some psyllium s to see how they go

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Let me know how u get on
Ohhh ouch, *grabs belly* I am afraid I have entered constipation world today ... never had it before and very painful! Glad I have seen this, I will be visiting my friendly pharmacist tonight! How long do they generally take to work so im not caught out? I do worry "playing" with laxatives as I have IBS x
I take 1 and it generally takes a few hours to work I would hate to think what 2 would do to me :/

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hi i saw this and i have had the same issue this week i also suffer with bowel problems ( which dr thought was IBS but not being looked at by hospital as its more than that :( ....) i was extreamly suprised after not having been for 7 days! i had a 1.5lb weight loss??? not sure how (i wondering if next week once normality has restored if i will have more of a loos??) even tho taking anything i could to help but didn't (very strong coffee's (Yuk) ,things fro dr, but i was told my my consultant to cut down on my fibre intake ( i found this strange asi always thought that it was ment to help things along) also to cut out caffine as this may help ease the probs,did you also find when you had trouble going you had bad headaches/pain?
VVertigan83 - Hi!

Pooor you having an unknown medical problem :(

I'm guessing here, but I'd have thought you need to assume that your circumstances are slightly different so if your GP is saying the opposite to standard advice there's likely to be a medical reason for what s/he's saying.. I know some doctor's aren't great, but no specialist consultant would specifically say "have less fibre for your bowel problems" without a good reason for saying it..

I hope they find out what it is and get it sorted for you soon.

I guess you also have to be a bit careful of advice on the cambridge diet threads because anyone who's doing sole source will be being monitored quite closely and I don't imagine I'd be allowed to do it if I were having medical problems.. I had to get my GPs signature to do the cambridge plan in the first place, and the surgery are monitoring me as well as my cambridge plan lady..

good luck with everything lovely.. and hope it resolves soon x
Advice pleease: Psyllium seed husks

Psyllium seed husks

should I get capsules or the loose grain?

I gather the capsules can occasionally cause obstruction, but I'm not sure where to get the loose grain from..

help :)
I went to see the doctor about my constipation and she said that me taking laxatives 2-3 times a week isn't a problem. She said that I may have shocked my body with a new diet.
I use Benefibre - it's on special in Asda at the moment, 3 tubs for £10 (they last quite a while). You just stir a couple of teaspoons into a small glass of water.
Benefiber hasn't worked for me at all
I really recommend the Cambridge fibre - it does tend to form itself into lumps but provided you get it down you it does the trick!

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