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Extra Easy Constipation

Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by dacuckoo, 5 June 2011 Social URL.

  1. dacuckoo

    dacuckoo Full Member

    Ok trying to do this without TMI lol! I drink lots of water eating more than enough fruit and veg go the gym 3 times s week and swim, yet I always seem to suffer from extreme lack of number 2 visits :-D it only happens when I eat healthily and I only go if I take laxatives. I've been on the plan nearly a week and 'been' once with the aid of Laxatives. This always happens to me when I change my eating. Anybody got any suggestions of what I can do xxx Lisa
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  3. Claracluck9

    Claracluck9 Full Member

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    I used to take laxatives but find it's a vicious circle and have stopped unless really really necessary. My best tip is drinking hot water or herbal tea. I was in agony my first week but soon settled down and only have the occasional problem now. I have also ordered some aloe Vera and peppermint tablets as they are supposed to help the tummy !
  4. vanilla_cupcake

    vanilla_cupcake Silver Member

    Laxatives are the WORST things you can use! Would you consider a colonic? you need a few sessions but it would definitely sort you out, my FIL got it done and he swears by it, gets rid of stuff that has been in there for years and clears out all the toxins etc
  5. dacuckoo

    dacuckoo Full Member

    I would be willing to try anything. When I don't 'diet' my relationship with the toilet is fine and regular. I know laxatives are not my friends but they are the last resort else I simply wouldn't go :$ I'm beginning to wonder if I have UBS even though I haven't got many of the symptoms xxx Lisa
  6. dacuckoo

    dacuckoo Full Member

    IBS not UBS lol ;-D xxx
  7. determinator

    determinator Banned

    how about trying to eat scan bran as your HEb ?? I find when I at have 5 a day then i am regular as clockwork , if I dont then i dont go very often !!
    I would recommend a colonic to be honest , our bodies were not designed to have anything going 'in' that end , you are best to clear any blockage with a gentle laxative ( movicol is one of the best as it is very gentle , and also very very effective at clearing blockages .)
    Then you need to try and find something , like scan bran , or physillium husks ( holland and barrat sell them ) or fibre sure, benefibre , supplements that will keep you regular without effecting the way your bowel works
  8. dacuckoo

    dacuckoo Full Member

    I'm gonna buy some scan bran at tuesdays meeting and give that a go and try the peppermint and aloe tabs also. Thanks so much for takin time to reply ladies, will discreetly let you know how I get on ;) lol xxx Lisa
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