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Hi Guys,

Slightly tmi, but i have suffered from it from the start. At the moment i'm using Dulcolax but it is a stimulant and often gives chronic stomach cramps.
Saw on the cd forum that they use fibre 89 which is brought from their cd councillors, just wondered if there is an alternative to get things moving?
Any ideas?
Has anyone else suffered with constipation?
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Hey thanks DB, i wonder if we can get them from a supermarket or are they available in health stores like Holland and Barrett?
Im sure you can get them in Holland and Barrett and most chemists sell them.

Ducolax are strong but they do work best IMHO
hi im on cd and i use benefibre hun, i had loads of problems and ended up having to use suppositories but benefibre helps me go every day xx


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I use psyllium husks too, three capsules (I empty them into a shake) and whizz up...makes the shakes really thick. I do that in two shakes/soups a day. I wouldn't have been able to continue with the shakes if I had that bad constipation you can get with VLCD...I love, love, LOVE psyllium husks...they are really good for you too, apparently lower cholesterol and help keep intestines lubricated.

Sennas & Ducolax make the bowel spasm to excrete the poo, the husks make the poo bigger and softer so it's easier to pass, your bowels won't become lazy and start depending on husks like it can with the other two.
Sorry if thats tmi...but when you need to know, you need to know. x x


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Gaynor, where do you get your psyllium husks from? Do they sell them in holland and barrets and how do you know if they are the right ones, that they dont have any added things in them?
For some reason nothing else works for me other than 2 prunes and lots and lots of water.

I've tried psyllium husks, and oatbran they don't really work for me. Oatbran is a lot easier to take than psyllium in my opinion, psyllium is incredibly dry. You have to take a lot of water with them.


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Prunes do nothing for me, it has to be the husks. If you mix them in a shake they go nice and thick.I suppose everybody is different and you just have to find what works for you. x boo x
Thanks for all your help and replies.
I'm going to go with Gaynors suggestion and get some of the PH capsules...thanks for the link hun


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Looked at the link Gaynor but it says not suitable for vegetarians :( Anyone any idea of whats in them that makes them unsuitable?

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