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Red Days Contemplating...

LittleMissThin 17

wants to be skinny ♥
Hi there :)

Some of you may have seen me comment on several threads here, now it's time for my own.

I'm currently a WW girl since the age of 13 (20 now) apart from six months or so at the age of 15 when I attempted SW. I lost a total of 1 lb in six months but thinking back, I probably ate too much free food- I was mostly green and now I know I can't eat too many carbs. :wave_cry: I did come away with several lessons learned- I didn't need half a loaf of bread at every meal, I didn't need two chocolate bars a day (hate the stuff now) and I didn't need to emotional eat.

My question- I have hit a huge plateau at WW now and was contemplating attempting SW again as I kept all my SW pack (even though it is pre-extra easy, I find the way I eat on WW at the moment is very, very similar to EE- most of the time) - how much do you spend on a typical weeks shop for red days? Preferably at Asda because I have a pre-loaded student card for Asda to last me until my next student loans in January. :p

Thanks for any help :D
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In answer to your question I prefer green days as how I eat on red days tends to cost me a fortune compared to green. What I will say to you, as delicately as I can, is before jumping full thrust into SW, have a good long hard think about why youre struggling with ww at the moment and what you hope sw will do to rectify this.

I have a dieting career spanning almost half my life, thanks to going from diet to diet, without doing much to change my mindset and attitude. Its only been recently Ive realised that there is no diet which can help me lose weight while also eating as much as I want of whatever food I want. Now ive sorted my attitude into a healthier mindset, Ive been so much more successful at losing and maintaining my weight, cos Im not binging all the time. Having done both sw and ww Ive found there is little difference to how I eat now on sw to how I did years ago on ww. I just dont weigh things so much.

Im not saying this applies to you by any means, just make sure that sw is what will help the situation.
A red week costs me between 50 and 70 for me and husband. Sometimes loads less IF theres lots of cheap meat in the reduced section. I don't do well on green days so I limit them to 1 or 2 max a week, and tend to be EE or Red most of the time.

Even on red I snack on superfree and most of meals are 1/2 superfree, it's just the way my tastebuds are.
I'm a bit of a bargin hunter and do mostly red days. Sainsburys do 3 for £10 on selected meats, so I go for them (I'm sure asda does similar). Then the basics range fresh veg. My shopping bill for me and other half for the week as around £50, but this includes nearly £10 on cat food!
PS, I agree with FunkyMunky and looking at your stats you are in a healthy BMI range. Totally your call and the most important thing is you being happy!
50-70 PW for both of us including pack lunches :)

We buy lots of meat off the meat man at the market..... £30 of chicken breasts gets me 42 of them, 6kg of bacon £6 :)
Aldi for all veg and any other supermarket for the rest :) I bulk buy so it works out cheaper

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