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Contraceptive Implant


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I had the contraceptive implant fitted about a year ago now. Now, I have had an on/off diet since September when I started uni, but a lot of the time I was on the diet, and I have pretty much stayed between 200-210 in this time. I know, I have obviously not helped myself by being so on and off, but I definitely think the weight should have dropped a bit more. Also, recently, I have found that the weight is very slow to come off and fluctuates majorly.

In the last few months, my breasts have been SO sore too. Especially in the morning when I get up, or when I take my bra off. Usually this means I am going for a shower which helps soothe them, however they can hurt for ages and I'm talking real pain where I need to take a painkiller!! Its like a really achy feeling.

I have never had problems with spots and I have noticed lots of pimples on my forehead and around my nose recently too.

Anyone think these three things (weight/spots/sore breasts) could be related?

I havent had a period for the last 6 months because of the implant which I have loved but I have just had one which was so painful in my back and stomach.

I'm wondering if I should have it removed?

My bf can't have children, medical reasons, and so although I would obviously move on to another form of protection, I dont feel it is so necessary to have the implant. I originally got the implant as I was going to uni (how bad does that sound?!) and I wanted to make sure that if the condom split, I would be covered, rather than having to take a pill.

I dont like the minipill as it doesnt work if you are sick!

Anyway, any advice?!
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I have the implant as well

And I got that same breast pain but it seems to have passed for now bug it was there for about 5/6 weeks

I would wait and see how you get on or spk to your practice nurse x

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I had the implant for 6 yrs. And I gained weight in that time (a LOT) but I'm not convinced it was the implant. I've had mine out for two yrs (non hormonal coil) and altho my TOTM is regular now it's been a bit unpleasant lol I've had 3 kids and I also have fibroids so that probably makes a difference!!

I also have horrible spots an sore boobs :( I have no idea why but the doc gave me a really good antibiotic lotion that helps the acne a lot. And getting fitted for a really good bra (an that means expensive sadly) helped my sore boobs a little. The latex foam cup type ones mould your breast too firmly? Especially if you have a bit of saggage (or a lot if your me haha) A slightly thinner sponge padded one with a teeny bit less uplift doesn't squish as much!! But still gives a decent shape :)

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I'm assuming you've had it replaced since it only lasts 3 years right?

I'm on my second implant now and it's due to be replaced this time next year (joy...). Like you I had a good 6 months last year were I had no bleeding. I didn't have any of the discomfort you have though. I was single back then so wasn't having sex.

I found when I started to have regular sex when I got with my new and current bf that my period came back with vengeance! If I'm lucky I get it once a month now but recently its been every few weeks and its very heavy. My breasts get sore a week or so before hand too. Very painful sore but it doesn't last long. I went to the doctors recently with a pain in the left side of my bladder he said that it was ovulation ... well I hope ovulation doesn't become like that every month for me!

One thing we have to be weary about on the implant is there is an increased risk that if we do fall pregnant it could implant on the walls of our tubes (which is why I went to the doctor because I had a pain in one side) .

If I was you I'd keep a dairy of the symptoms and see your doctor or someone from the family planning clinic.

Personally I'd rather deal with the side effects of the implant rather than those of other contraceptives. I have also tried the injection (which is a massive rush of hormones every 3 months rather than a slow release over 3 years. I gained alot of weight on that) and the pill which I always forgot to take.

I don't feel the implant has made me gain weight or hindered any weight loss. I'm sure it doesn't help but is not as bad as the pill or injection.


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I have also tried the injection (which is a massive rush of hormones every 3 months rather than a slow release over 3 years. I gained alot of weight on that) and the pill which I always forgot to take.

I used to get the injection and quite liked it because it was fuss free. Looking back, this is when I started to pile on the weight although it definitely wasn't all down to the injection (cakes and takeaway were partially to blame!). When I came off it, I went on to the pill and within a couple of months I developed a lump in my breast which I had to have an op to remove. It was harmless (a fibrodenoma) and they couldn't link it to the pill as such although my doc did say they often develop as a result of hormone fluctuations. So, not sure if I blame the pill, the injection or just plain bad luck, but just wanted to share and maybe warn against chopping and changing :)

I feel so much better without all the hormones, although I think it was different because I kinda had 3 months worth injected all at once. I just use condoms now as contraception. My boyfriend didn't really like it to start with but I made it clear: no condoms, no sex. He soon changed his mind.

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