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Converting to WW!


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Hi everyone!

Basically i am currently doing Slimming World and have lost 1 and a half stone,however!!........Ever since i started i just havent been able to get my head around the whole "free food" thing for my example...you can have baked beans freely but the calories per can are like 400!! when you look at it like that if you see what i mean!
Anyhow!........ both of my work friends are doing weight watchers and have explained a little and it does sound good and i want to try it but just wanted to have some advice really on how everyone on here gets on with it,etc.....
Oh and also dont know if anyone knows but when i leave sw can i just leave? i dont need to contact anyone?? just not show up??
Sorry for the long message!!!!!

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I love weightwatchers and its the only diet ive ever done. Its really easy and you know exactly where you stand with it, its always the same. You eat your given amount of points and thats it, you can eat anything you want as long as its within your points. It makes eating out much simpler and possible unlike other diets. And its more realistic as really, if you are honest with yourself are you never going to have take away/macdonalds/chocolate fudge cake/wateva indulgences you like, ever again? Of course you will! At least on ww you can fit them in, save for them and not feel so guilty. I see it more as a lifestyle/attitude to food change rather than a diet. I plan on sticking to counting points for life, there is no when im finished on my diet thing. But its a deit that makes it easy to just eat normally on. The food they do is good and portioned for you but you can cook some great things and alot of slimming world recipes can be converted to ww points if you have some favs from that diet.
Im not sure about stopping slimming world, i guess if you pay per visit the you would just not go?
Hope someone can help you.
Good luck xxx


Can't w8 2 b "Dr.WMBB" :)
to start you off i have 100 recipes and a word document with alot of pointed foods on and it includes the 0point food list and a tracking sheet. pm me your email address and i'll send it to you. :). i love WW!!!


Can't w8 2 b "Dr.WMBB" :)
click on user cp and scroll down until you see "private message" and click send new message


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or click on the name of who you want to message (at the side of one of their posts) and a bar comes up with send them a message. thats how i do it.


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I've done SW and WW. Personally, i much prefer WW as I find it fits in with family eating much better. Also, as has already been said, no food is off limits - as long as you include it in your points. For instance, I can have a Chinese takeaway with WW and it hasn't spoiled my diet whereas with SW, even if it was just my perception, I felt as if I was breaking the diet! A lot of people do like SW and are successful with it so I wouldn't knock it, but like you, I couldn't really see the logic of being able to eat limitless amounts of certain foods - mind you I didn't lose much weight with SW so I was probably eating too much!

Anyway, good luck with WW - I am sure you will love it.