Convince Me...???? Please help anyone who's switched!!


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Hiya I know a few people came over from CD to SW. I cant remember who it is but remember some saying they put on on the first week but not much a couple of Lb's. some just left CD and joined here and had a loss on the first week.

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ooooooh thanks hun......i've just phoned a group in my area (i'm terrible once i've got something in my head!!!) but can't go till the 2nd of December cos of my shifts booooooo!! exciting though!!!

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Don't forget that you will need to come back to 'ordinary' eating sometime - and Slimming World is a fabulous way of doing it!!! ;)

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Welcome Claire!

Hi Claire,not switched but doing really well this time with SW.Stay to class,do recipies,drink water,walk or swim.I have been buzzing since begining of August!lost 3st nearly,not gained or stayed the same once.Nice steady losses that should stay off this time!This sight is very good, nice people who will help you anytime you need support.As someone else said you have to eat normally and SW is the best way,never hungry! ;)

getting there!

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thanks for that hun, your losses are very encouraging.......i'm gonna try and get some books off ebay to get started now i think......2nd of december not too far away but want to get started now.....(impatient cow always have been lol) xxxxxxxx thanks for the encouragement x


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i did lipotrim (TFR like cd) just before joining sw a while back. only used lipo for a for weeks and lost 1 stone so not as much as you. i had a 3lb gain in the first week but then lost 7lb the next week so was happy. you probably will gain a bit but nothing you cant shift the following week. might be a good idea to follow red days for a while to limit your carb intake and ease in greens days gently - that might help limit any gain. like post above says you have to come back to food sometime and sw is the best diet going so this is the best way in my opinion. hope it all works out for you. good luck and keep us posted.


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Well, as i said on the CD forum i've switched to SW.

I had been eating/messing around with CD for a few weeks before i switched (eating rubbish) and had gained 3.5 lb.

But since starting SW last Wednesday (although i'm not going to a class and don't have a book yet so am doing it from memory....) I have lost 2.5lb! Woooo!

SW does work - granted if i'd been strictly SS'ing this week instead I would have lost more! But it's nice being able to eat and not see a ridiculous rise on the scales the next day because of water etc! I was a joke at the end of CD, I lost and re-gained the same 5lb over and over because as soon as i ate anything the scales would be up!

You will gain when you first switch but most of that is rebuilding your glycogen stores which will happen when you start to eat again whatever plan you're following!

Hope this helps!

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Hi Claire,

I switched from CD to SW and gained 1lb in the first week, the 2nd week, I went on to loose 7lbs.
Once you have got your head around the fact that you may gain a little in that first week (so dont get disheartened), you will be fine.
SW is great. I found that I suffered really badly with the CD shakes, wont go into too much info, but going to the bathroom was a horrible experience!!!
Good luck with your journey.


getting there!

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I'M DOING IT!!!!!!!!! Bought a SW magazine last night and just getting my head around it all again!!!!! thank you all so so much for the encouraging words.......what a lovely bunch!!!!
Loz i've just noticed you've come over!!! that's very encouraging news!!
Edwin....i did SW a few years back and was always a bit of a 'red day' kind of girl!!! they always suited me better to be honest, thanks for that xxxxxxx
Mrs V thanks so much for the kind words (and i giggled at your toilet problems!!! but only cos i totally understand!!)
Thanks all again x