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Convinced LL isn't working for me...

Well...after having lost 7lbs in my first week (which was the 2nd lowest in my class so I was still a little disheartened even tho' half a stone in a week is nothing to be down about), I've stuck with this plan RELIGIOUSLY for my 2nd week and I've been drinking my 4ltrs of water a day...went along lastnight to find I'd only lost 2lbs!! I was (to put it mildly) GUTTED. I lost the lowest in the class. A lot of the girls are well over their first stone and I'm now only on 9lbs.
I thought they said it averages out at a stone a month? It won't if it's only 2lbs a week! ...even losing 7lbs in first week and that totally 9lbs in a fortnight isn't enough..I don't want to hear how much it's been over the 2 weeks..EVERYONE loses a lot in the first week through drastic cut down in calories/water retention etc. If I carry on losing 2 a week that's just over half a stone a month...I could definitely be losing that on a WW diet or similar....and not practically starving myself and spending £66 a week in the process.
I'm really not motivated anymore for this...I just don't know why this isn't working for me when I'm following it and drinking the water....
Even my LLC admitted it was a slow loss...


:( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :(
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You will lose a stone a month ............stick with it!
Your body is confused and I guess holding onto fluid which weighs very heavily!
You are burning fat at a minimum rate of 3lbs per week - the weight will be fluid and this will rectify itself!
Keep going this week and I am sure your loss will be fantastic next week!
Also - what TOTM is it - I weigh 6lbs heavier the week before my period and then it falls off me the following week!
Stay positive this diet really works!
I lost 6 stone in 4 months and some weeks I showed zero loss - its just the way your body works!
Thanks Nadine..it's just sooo hard to stay positive being one of the lowest in the class and showing such disheartening losses in the first 2 weeks (whereas most people lose a lot in first 2 weeks and are more motivated to carry on...I'm the opposite I've got no motivation as I don't think it's going to work for me).
My LLC suggested perhaps 4ltrs is too much water for me...surely that can't be right?! I would have thought I needed more water if the weight isn't shifting....I'm on the bars every day aswell (1 a day) so wondered if that was making a difference and I haven't really been exercising but she said you should lose 3lbs a week with no exercise and yet I only lost 2.
When even my LLC admitted it was low loss for first 2 weeks combined, I was gutted...

Did you drink 4ltrs a day? Exercise? Bars?...I just don't know what more I can do to make this work...I was really motivated last week...lastnight I was ready to throw in the towel...I just don't think it's worth the lack of choice/almost starvation and the £66 a week to be losing 2lbs.

On a total downer about it!! :cry:
I feel your pain, hun - I have had slow losses before and it does really upset you. BUT you must have faith in the science - you will lose weight quickly if you stick to the plan.



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I know how you feel if you look at my stats below you'll see they're not too goood but last night I went and lost 6lbs!! I've felt like you so many times since I started, but stick with it and you will see a change and it will be a sudden change that will make everything worth it. Before yesterday I tried to work out how I'd possibly be able to lose 3 stone in 3 months with my small losses but then I realised that's such a bad idea because you don't know how your body works, I've never heard of an LLC saying to cut water I think you should up it just make sure you don't drink any right before a meeting as that might be included in your weight. What about the clothes you're wearing are they the same or sometimes do you wear a thicker jumper? I know it sounds stupid but i know my jeans weigh 2.5lbs so I just wear some cotton trousers now (thank god it's the summer!!) Please stick with it though, maybe try not having the bars - I think they have slightly more calories in.

You shuldn't see it as just a weightloss programme, the counselling is so important and I was dead against it when I started but the last couple of weeks things that have been said have really clicked, so you will find that everything suddenly comes together.

Hope that helps



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I can understand how frustrating it must be, but do give the diet a chance....your body has a lot to adjust to, as the intake is totally different to before. Your losses should pick up soon.
Thanks pbfhpunk/Helen...however even looking at your losses doesn't make me feel better because on weeks 1 & 2 you lost 8lbs and 6lbs...that's your stone in 2 weeks. I've lost 7lbs and 2lbs so am stuck on 9lbs and still have 5lbs to go for my first stone and I'm now in my 3rd week.
It's just too slow...slower than others in class and like I say, my LLC said it's slow too. I just can't figure out how this can be....I don't have a clue what to do now, how to get round this or anything I can do to up my loss.... am just not getting anywhere in my head :cry:

Just Do It

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Hi ScotsNat,

I can understand why you are feeling like this but please don't throw in the towel.

It really is worth sticking with it. There are two ladies in my class who have had very similar losses to you, one lost only 1.6lbs in her second week. She felt disheartened but she has stuck with it and she is now almost 2 stones lighter. She has had a 5lb loss week out of the blue.

Also this week there was a lady talking to us who was on a pop in. She is on management and she was encouraging the slow losers because she was one. She lost between one and 2.5 lbs a week, and didn't think she would get to 3 stones in 14 weeks. Our LLC convinced her to stick with it. She added it up in her head and thought it impossible. On her last week she lost half a stone, again out of the blue and taking her to her 3 stones.

6 weeks into management she is still 3 stones lighter and looking great.

Please stick with it, it is impossible for it not to work. Stay with your 4 litres and stay with minimins, we'll help you get through it.

All the best
Thanks Claire...I'm going to just stick with it this week (put some exercise in too) and see how I get on...if next week is the same I'm going to come off the bars and see if that helps...altho' if next week comes and it's only 2lbs again I can't say what I'll do then...2lbs a week is still substantial I know but it's not enough on LL I don't think.
I'm still not sure about the water situation...LLC suggesting 4ltrs could be too much when I thought the key to this diet was water a plenty!


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Hi Scotsnat,

The EXACT same thing happened to me - I lost 7lbs in weeks 1, then 2lbs in week 2. Like you I decided this wasn't going to work for me. The little voices in my head started saying "well of course it won't work for you - nothing else has - you're destined to stay this way forever." I stuck at it though and am now 7 weeks in and nearly 2 stone lighter. It DOES all even out in the end. Last week I only lost 1.5lbs, but had learned not to worry because I knew that this week would be better, and it was - 4 lbs off! Don't be disheartened - it WILL work, it has to - the laws of phyics says so.

Keep going - it's worth it.
Thanks Carla...finally someone who's in exactly the same boat as me and knows how I'm feeling...I really really want this to work...it's really the only diet I think I've religiously stuck to for as long.
What are you doing with regards water (how much are you drinking?), exercise (are you doing any? if so, how much?) and the bars (are you having them every day?)...there are sooo many myths going around about what's best for you...too much water adding to weight and water-logging you, exercise slowing weight loss and bars slowing it down too...never sure what to believe!
My LLC said she believes exercise will speed/increase weight loss and yet some people say otherwise....

Thanks again :)


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I can't understand how exercise would slow things down - exercise means you require more energy, therefore you will burn more fat. If you are building muscle however, weight may be less, but inches will be more. Also, if you build more muscle you are effectively increasing your metabolism as more muscle means burning more calories at rest.

Personally I have started walking more, but going to the gym is difficult as I have a 7 month old. I drink 4 litres a day - 3 on a bad day. I do try to get it to 4 though.
Hi Scotsnat.

Without going into too many details how much have you got to lose compared to the others in your class? It may well be that if they have more to lose then they will lose more in the first weeks than you will.

Don't worry about the slow losses. It does even out over time and you will lose the amounts that they say you will. I had weeks where I stuttered at 3lbs or so, then all of a sudden 10lbs off in one go! I know that as a bloke it does come off quicker for me, but the principle is still the same.

Stick with it, it IS worth it.


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I am on below average having done 52 pounds since starting on 1 Feb. Which I just worked out means 2.97 pounds per week. I weigh in on a Saturday and I'm away at the moment so don't have scales with me. I had 3 weeks of losing 1 pound something and then had a 4 pound loss. You MUST remember that it is much quicker than anything else even if it isn't going as fast as you would like. I am certainly jealous of people who seem to have lost more and have eaten as well but this is my journey not theirs and I feel so positive about this experience now.

As a practical measure I find that I lose more on an active week and keep drinking the water.

I lost 2lbs in my second week and was gutted but made up for it in following weeks. Some weeks I'll lose 6lbs then the next week I'll lose 2lbs. I lost 4 stone in my foundation so you have nothing to worry about so long as you stick to the programme :)

Remember, 3lbs a week is the average. Two weeks isn't long enough to decide 2lbs is gonna be your average. I bet you it wont!
I can totally understand how you feel (see losses!) BUT have come to realise over time that this is just not about weight but more learing to control my life with food. I have lost about a stone less than some (works out as 3.8 a week for me) but have lost more inches than others. I do think its partly hormones (I am now back to my 3 weeks on & ! off cycle!) and have learned to accept that (1) This is my jorney - not anyone elses (2) I look fab compared to when I started and while have a long way to go know I can do it (3) OK you can argue that I'd loose more with weight watchers but I didint did I or I wouldnt be there! The process is dealing about my addiction to food and I'm getting there, day by day (4) Only you can do this and you have to decide whether you're prepared to stay the long haul. It does even out over time and this has been proven time & time again but you have to give it time to see that!
It is hard but is SO worth it if you stick with it! Promise! Big hugs
Hope this helps. I started mid Feb, so putting that aside, just worked out my weekly loss average over the months;

March 5lb per wk
April 6lb per wk
May 4.4lb per wk

All made up of a truly mixed bag of weekly losses! Some weeks 2lb...one week ZEROlb...some weeks 7lb.

I know it's almost impossible for me to not be disappointed if I don't get a 4lb minimum loss per week but there really is nothing you can do about the weekly numbers when you're just doing everything right - and it sounds like you are absolutely just doing everything right. The averages however are different. And as mine shows, the highest so far came in the middle of Foundation not at the start. Honestly - you must stick with it, it really is worth it.


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I had two weeks of 0 losses in a row and recently my five week loss has been 13.9 lbs - so it is slowing down for me now. A woman in my group with 3 stone to lose (the rest of us had more than 5 stone to go) had to grin and bear it whilst she lost 1 and 2 lbs a week - but then every so often she'd have a 6lb loss. It is hard, I completely empathise - but just stick it out until your waistband gets looser - I have a size 16 dress that I couldn't do up until 2 months ago and now it's so bit for me I can't wear it any more!
On all of the previous weight loss plans, I would have one week with a large loss, then the next week with a smaller one. Looking at the "Biggest loser" site as well, the weeks they had a large loss, they followed it with a smaller one, and the small weeks were followed with a large one.

Keep going on it. There are many reasons why your body didnt lose the weight. And, its probably not the body losing the weight, its the body retaining water. :)

Keep going, and 9 pounds in two weeks is still good work!

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