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Hello everybody!!! :wavey:

Well i've finally got to grips with feeling flabby again and decided to get off my backside n do something about it once more. :raincloud:

I started CD Feb 09, wow, that seems such a long time ago now... Lost 3 stone in 3 months and then had to do some training for work so changed to atkins for another couple of months and lost another stone n half. I kept that off give or take a couple of lbs till early '10. Feb '10 I changed to my new job and things were v.hectic and stressful. I flirted with atkins and low carb type eating on and off but not giving it my full attention as so many other things, exams etc for work were going on. I went back onto CD about 4 months ago but again, my head wasn't really in it. I've since piled a load back on and it's now getting me down to the point where i daren't step on the sodding scales again :doh:

Last time i tried CD again i struggled with the expense of it and it was so much harder the second time around, the flavours just drove me nuts straight away and my cdc is a v.strange man who i dreaded going to see which didn't help matters.

So, i've been wondering what's best to do for the last few days and i know that vlcd works for me once i'm into it. My only issue is that i work shifts. Some days are so busy i don't normally even get time to eat and other days i veg out through stress and also hunger as i'm always on my feet.

I've ordered the weeks supply of mixed packets tonight to give exante a go. I so hope that i like the flavours!! I'm hoping that my order arrives before i have to go back to work on saturday, fingers crossed.

Anyway, i'd like to lose 3 stone ideally, realistically i could do with losing more but i'm a curvy gal and to be honest i wouldn't want to be particularly slim as a little bulk helps me in my job. I'd love to hit a bmi of 25, i got to 26.5 before it all piled back on lol. Typical.

Minimins got me through last time, there are some wonderful people on here who really helped me through the tough times. I also enjoy the social side of this forum, chatting to people and helping others along if i can :D

Hope to speak to you all soon!!!
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Welcome Claire you look fab. It's amazing how easily we can all fall off of the wagon. Nevermind you are back now and it will all be gone again soon enough. All the best for your Exante journey and let us all know how you are getting on. xx
S: 17st4lb G: 11st10lb
Thanks for the warm welcome Bernice! :) I love meeting people on minimins :) I find such inspiration reading how well people are doing. In the process of updating my signature, tickers, avatar etc at the mo :) Keeping me busy n hoping to motivate me again.
Hi Claire, I will be starting exante on 3rd jan, just waiting for the packs to arrive.

Like you I did cd and lost a good few stone and felt great. Slowly the lbs have crept back on, I tried cd again but just couldn't face it. I'd been doing ww recently but I think once you have done a vlcd it's very hard to follow anything else with slower loses.

I decided to give exante a try & am looking forward to feeling in control again and not having a counsellor to see each week!

Good luck & I hope to see you about as we loose the lbs!! :)
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Oooo good luck Poppygirl!! It'll be really good to have people about starting at roughly the same time as me, though i guess it's inevitable at this time of the year with new years resolutions etc. I tried SW briefly when my mum started it and i just find that the slightest inch given to me means i'll run a marathon with it nevermind the mile!! lol... I'm an all or nothing kind of gal for sure.. I hope my packs arrive soon!!
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Claire you sound just like me!! Im totally a all or nothing kinda girl and it gets on my tits sometimes lol! I really need this weight off as im getting married in August (7 n half months away eek) i have so much too do so hopefully that will keep me busy and of course my 2 gorgeous children! Good luck and look forward too chatting everyone on here are great and fab for support. <3 xxx
Yes Claire I'm the same -all or nothing! I ordered my bumper shake pack on Xmas eve after persuading hubby I would be fine on it lol!

I figure tomorrow (wed) is the first working day and seeing as we pay for next day delivery it should arrive on Thursday. If it wasn't for a family lunch on Sunday & now poss on Saturday too I would start this Friday! Can't wait to get going!!
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Louise - I love being an all or nothing gal but at times it can really be a hindrance! For example, i'm pretty damn stubborn when i want to be, i blame it on being a capricorn but i know it's just me being a pain in the butt mostly. I'm much better these days than i used to be, getting on in years has done this to me lol. It's my bday in a couple of weeks, i'd best start thinking about growing up at some point! LOL. You must be so excited for the big day!! I've finally realised i'd like a boyfriend but i'm also an independent lady, especially working so much and living alone etc so i refuse to settle with someone i don't fully get on with if ya know what i mean. I dunno, i always went for the bad uns n then got fed up of being messed around so tried the whole sensible lad thing n with the whole 'all or nothing' thing going on i get easily bored. In more ways that one in life... LOL

Poppygirl - Good thinking on the delivery front, wonder if mine will arrive Thurs/Fri also?? Hmm, that'd be good. Starting on the 1st of Jan would be good in one way, like a fresh new start n all that jazz but then i also know that loads of people make loads of new yrs resolutions etc and they usually fail so i don't want that hanging over me either... lol. God, that makes me sound weird. Ah well. I know what i mean. My only issue with ordering online is that i live alone n work shifts so if i'm not home when the delivery comes it'll be a trip to the post office sorting office for me i reckon, which can be a pain when sleeping off nights etc. But we'll see. I may be able to order towards the end of my shift pattern so that i know roughly when the parcel is due to arrive. I think the only thing i'm going to miss about CD is their porridge as that really used to set me up for the day and it was nice to have something else to 'chew' so to speak, other than the bars. I've got a few packs left though, and a few tetras, so i guess i use them up also. I used to have 4 packs on CD and then the milk allowance for my teas n coffees etc (essential part of shift working in my opinion!). I may try 4 packs on work days and 3 on days off with skimmed milk in my hot drinks still, i only really have 2-3 cups a day most the time.
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Ooo thanks Starlight, fingers crossed that they arrive tmoz, thurs or fri then and i'm home when they call!!!! I don't want to spend all my days off waiting in for them. I think i may opt to have them delivered to my parents house next time as there's more chance my dad will be in during the week and if not their neighbours usually sign for their delivery's if they're at home whereas i live in a flat so it's hard to do that.

I guess the 3/4 pack thing will be a case of trial and error at first. I'll try the 3 pack thing n have a 4th if needed or use up the CD packs i have left. Rather do that than eat whatever else i can find - especially when at work! lol


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hi claire welcome to exante this is my 2nd time doing a vlcd i lost 4 stone in 2008 after my 2nd child then baby number 3 piled it back on and a bit more anyway i started in august on lipotrim then after 4 weeks switched to exante im loving all the shakes atm as have them hot so is great for this weather i havnt had the bars for a while as theyre too moreish lol anyway good luck on exante and see you around.
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hi claire!! your pics are fab! i just started today and love everything I have tried already. The thing that i will find difficult is the water intake, I'm already up and down to the loo. xx
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Thanks for the welcome everyone!! Forty, I remember you!! Not sure if it's from the cd or Atkins boards tho...

So, any top tips on making up the shakes n soups? I usually had the ready made tetras on cd as easier for work so hoping for tips how best to make them smoothly as I don't have a blender etc. Got a shaker thing.
S: 13st8lb C: 13st8.0lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 32.6 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
I have a shaker too and the two I have made today have still been slightly lumpy but someone on here suggested one of those milk frother mixer things (lol) you can get them on eBay quite cheaply... I'm gonna try one of those as washing the blender all the time would really pee me off lol
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would have been from atkins. still on minimins trying to get to goal. dieting is hard work!!
i have all my shakes hot. i mix the powder with a small amount of cold water so is a creamy consistancy then add hot water and stir with a fork. yummy ;)
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Hmm when I used the shaker on cd the shakes always ended up lumpy which is why I opted for the more convenient tetras. I think I'll have to stick with the soups n bars for my shifts. Really hoping the big k comes along quickly when I begin!! Dreading the hungry feeling again but know it'll be worth it in the end once the lbs start dropping off!


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i used to use a shaker but its a mission especially when making them hot and another member recommended one of those milk frothers and theyre amazing i just put a little cold and the rest hot and use it and all lumps dissappear its great.


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Welcome Claire and hoping you like the flavours on Exante when they arrive. I'm losing my weight for the second time at the moment (although will reach new ground very soon); I've found Exante great, as I didn't want the counselling I just wanted to shift the weight!

The shakes and soups make up hot really well just in a mug with a spoon or fork, so I find them easy enough to take to work and make at the same time as normal tea/ coffees.

Good luck on your Exante journey xx

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