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Cookies Food Diary xx

I've started Weight Watchers again today. I really need to shift my baby weight (little one is 8months old now! lol). So I am going to try and stick to this diet. I thought I had put on about a stone over Xmas and was guessing my weight at 14st 7lbs ..... but I was pleasantly surprised to find I've lost weight over the last month.(Haven't weighed myself since end of November)
So anyway I now weigh 12st 12lbs which was a nice surprise!!!

Sunday 3rd January '10

Readybrek with skimmed milk & sweetener 3

Chicken, low-cal coleslaw, pastryless quiche and mixed salad. 7

3 water biscuits 3
Fruit salad 2
Small flapjack 2

Low-fat Yoghurt 1.5

Water, diet coke and fanta zero.

Total = 18.5:D

Not sure How many points I'm allowed yet as I haven't worked it out, but I think it is around 20. Will find WW's books in the morning and have a re-read of them (& work out points).

A Good Day, I think!!! xxxxx
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Hey...your close weight to me :D Little competion? Ha i'm joking..

Pleasent surprise being over a stone lower than ur gestimate i suppose?

Good Luckkk! :D
Hi Ash!!!Thanks for your post! Yeah we are quite a similar weight! But I'm only 5ft 3" so I have a fair bit more weight to lose than you! My first goal is 143pounds (10st 3lbs) as I am a size 12 at this weight. I do want to weigh less than that, but I want to be realistic and see how I feel when I get there. At 10st 3lbs I can re-evaluate my goal, but I'm thinking around 9st something.
Anyway Goodluck Hun! I'll keep checking in on you!
Ok so back to my Food Diary.... Which I'm embarrased to say is a total DISASTER!!! lol
I have flu at the moment and haven't been dieting at all. I've not eaten proper meals, but what I have eaten has been total rubbish But I am still going to write it all down so I can at least prevent myself from gaining! I haven't even fished my WW books out yet! I'm gonna get back on track as soon as I feel better and may even go back to my local WW group for extra support, I'll see. I think keeping the Food diary will stop me bingeing and I can keep an eye on triggers such as foods, time of day, energy slumps etc. So don't be shocked at the rubbish I've eaten!!! lol As soon as I am well enough to get to the shop to stock up on free foods and commit to the diet, I'll let ya know!

Monday 4th January 2010

Crunchynut clusters (6) and skimmed milk (1)

4 water biscuits(4 I think?) with Wensleydale 'n' Cranberry Cheese(9) and lowfat spread (2). Ooops!

A 1/4 of a tub of takeaway plain chowmein (4?) and 1 yes 1 chip!(0.5) lol

1/2 an apple (0.5) and 1/2 a pear (0.5) 1 packet of skips (2)

Fanta zero, Water, and Orange juice (2)

Total = 31.5!!!!! oops!!!

I may of made a few mistakes on the points, but when I'm better I will doublecheck them all!!!! My brain just isn't working too well at the mo, but I want to log my food before I forget it!
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Tuesday 5th January 2010



Ill in bed all day, so no food!

A Bigmac!!!! (8) I didn't manage to finish it. Small Chips (4.5) & Diet coke (0)
(You can tell my boyf has been in charge of food preparation the last 2days!!! Hence the takeaways! lol):break_diet:

Lowfat yoghurt (2) 1 water biscuit (1) with the last of the wensleydale 'n' cranberry cheese (thank goodness it's gone, I love that stuff!) (3) & LF spread (1)

Fanta zero, water, cuppa tea (0.5)

Total = 20 (hmm not too bad)
Ok so I am still feeling really poorly,:( so I haven't eaten much today. My 4 year old is back at school now, so at least things are returning to normal. I can concentrate on making a cooked family meal every night and all the Xmas junk is gone!!!!! (I threw the last of it in the bin!:eek: lol)
I did manage to go shopping today, and have stocked up on lots of yummy WW meals for lunchtimes when I'm in a rush. As it's the New Year and everyone has New Years Resolutions all the 'diet' food seemed to be on offer, which was a real bonus! I normally shop in Marks & Tescos, but went to Asda today as they sell something called 'Hunters Chicken' which I LOVE!:eatdrink023:

Wednesday 6th January 2010



1/2 a pack of Asda's Hunter's Chicken (6) (1 chicken breast in a smoky barbecue sauce covered in cheese and bacon, it's not as fattening & stodgy as it sounds!) served with steamed veg: carrots, cauliflower, baby sprouts and green beans.
1 WW Rich Chocolate Dessert (1)

1 apple (0.5)
1 packet of mini iced gems (1.5)

Fanta zero, water, 2 cups of tea with sweetener & skimmed milk (1)

Total = 10
oh god i hate hunters chicken! blergh! but the rest of your day sounds pretty nice to me! not had ice gems in years!
Glad your feeling better and have stoked up on ww meals, i only like a few of them and always do them in the oven as it makes them so much tastier but they are good for if your in a rush too. Best of luck with your ww journey!
Ok so I was just checking the points on what I've eaten the last few days and I discovered that THREE water Biscuits are only HALF a point!!! I'd been counting 1point per water biscuit, so that's a pleasant surprise! I hadn't gone over my points, quite as much as I'd 1st thought!

And now I discovered that 1/4 of a tub of chowmein would only be 2points. And that is for Special Chowmein and I only had plain chowmein.... yay even less points!! Wow and now I see that Mushroom Chowmein is only 4.5points per serving! Chinese is no where near as bad as I thought!!! :D
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3 for a point! Jese...ive been over counting too :D

Suppose cant hurt! lol

3water biscuits (tesco ones) is only 0.5points!!!!!!!!!!

Yeah iced gems remind me of my childhood and I feel like I'm gettin a real treat for only 1.5points! Thanks for the advice about cookin the ready meals in the oven, will def do that. I must admit I haven't eaten them (WW meals) in years, but they all look nice, but I guess that doesn't mean they will taste nice! lol
Agreed on the oven cooking..really does help!



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Hi - I found your diary! Looking good, especially with the underestimating on the points lol! Glad you are feeling better. I was also amazed when I saw just how low on points Chinese food is - I love Chinese and it feels like being naughty but it's easy to stay within points!
Keep up the good work!

Urgh sorry to keep moaning but..... when am I gonna feel better??? lol
Anyway a good day points wise today and I'm feeling really motivated!! Yay!!! So here goes (i'm still not eating all my points, but trust me when I feel better I'll be stuffin my Face!! Hee Hee!!!!!)

Thursday 7th January 2010

Ready Brek with sweetener & Skimmed milk (Yum!) (2.5)


Weight Watchers Sweet Chilli Chicken & sticky rice (5.5) (when I first tried this I was so disappointed, it tasted like there was something missing??? So I was rather unhealthy and added salt and lots of sweetener and it ended up tasting LOVELY!)

Cocopops & skimmed milk (2.5) Carrot sticks (0)

Water, Fanta zero, 2 cups of tea with sweetener & skimmed milk (0.5)

Total = 11/20 (9points saved)

I finally worked out my allowance and I'm allowed 20points a day!
Hey good goin with the saving! and hope u get better soon :D

About the adding to ur meals...i usually add chilli and garlic, itss like a little pepper mill only with chilli and garlic inside...iceland i think? Really do help them along :D

20s tight...i think 22s tight...when i started i was on 27 i think!

I'm a bit gutted that I'm only allowed 20points, i thought I would be getting a few more than that, but never mind hey!!!! Just have to fill up on on no point stuff! Ash, that chilli and garlic mill sounds AMAZING!!!! I'm def gonna get me one of those! lol I love both chilli & garlic so it will really spice things up. I literally have no herbs or spices, so I'm going to invest in some when the snow clears!

I've had a day at home with the kids today, cos the Schools were shut due to the snow. I'm finally feeling a bit better!!!!! Yay!!! And I could tell cos I felt like stuffing my face and nearly had a binge this afternoon. I poured myself some crunchynut clusters (which is usually where a binge starts!) and had 2 mouthfulls and decided I really didn't fancy it after all. It actually tasted too sweet, I'm not sure why, but at least I didn't eat the lot! So I'm going to work out my points and see how many I have left for my Dinner, well actually it's quite late now, so maybe I should call it Supper!!! I'm going to weigh myself on Sunday and I pray I have lost something, especially as it is TOTM and I normally gain 4 or 5lbs! Anyways fingers crossed!

Friday 8th January 2010

ReadyBrek with skimmed milk and sweetener (2.5)

Waferthin Chicken (0.5) sandwich on 2 slices of bread (2) & v lowfat spread (0.5) with multipack of french fries (1) carrot slices, cucumber and pickled onions (0) a WW Chocolate dessert (1) total = (5)

Asda 'good for you' Cheese & Chive Jacket Potato (3)
with a teaspoon of Sourcream 'n' chives (1),
1/4 of an individual WW Quiche (1),
Lettuce, carrot, cherry tomatoes & cucumber (0)
and v light salad cream (1) Total = (6)

2 mouthfuls of Crunchynut Clusters with skimmed milk (3) Iced Gems (1.5) Carrot Sticks (0) Total = (4.5)

Water, Fanta zero and 1 cup of tea (skim m & sweetener) Total = (0.5)

Total = 18.5/20
1.5 points saved

With the Quiche, I don't like the pastry so i cut that off, it seemed silly eating it when I don't like it & it's full of points. So I ended up with 1 mouthful of Quiche! lol But it was nice anyway!

Then with the sandwich i only buttered one piece of bread not the other, I used to go without spread all together, but fancied just a tiny bit and that seemed the most point economical way! lol

I'm quite pleased with the points considering this afternoon I felt a binge coming on and nearly ditched the diet!!! I'm SOOOOO glad I stayed on track. 1 more day of dieting, then I can weigh myself!!! xxxxxxxx
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Saturday 9th Jan 2010


WW Red Thai curry and sticky rice (5.5)

Cocopops and skimmed milk (2.5) Special K bar (1.5) total (4)

Apple (0.5), 1 packet of iced gems (1.5), French fries (1) & a WW Yoghurt (1)

Water, Blackcurrant SF squash, fanta zero, 1 cup of tea (0.5)

TOTAL = 14/20
6 points saved

Weigh in day tomorrow!!!!!!
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Weigh in Day!

So last Sunday i weighed 12stone 12lbs. I didn't exactly diet the 1st few days, so wasn't expecting a huge loss, but felt I did pretty well the rest of the week.:scale:

So today I weigh....
12stone 7lbs.:D

That's a loss of 5lbs!!!

I'm really happy with that loss!
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Wooo congrats! Thats brill!

Keep it up :D


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