Cooking for 25...any ideas?


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My daughter's birthday is coming up, which always heralds everyone round at our house (big family). I will be catering for 25, some as young as 2, some on a diet, some very fussy (have a no pasta, no spice father-in-law). Don't want to do buffet as just did that for son's b'day. Would like to do big-pot cooking really.

Any ideas? Thanks in
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Can you make a big pot of curry and rice? and a chicken or turkey stew and jacket potatoes? put it all out in bowls for each of them to help themselves to?

Can you tell I'm not used to catering for folks? LOL


S: 12st8.8lb C: 11st8lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 26.1 Loss: 1st0.8lb(8.37%)
Yeah, quite fancy curry myself, have a great recipe....but F-I-L won't eat need something else too. I'm rubbish at stews; what does it actually mean? Meat and veg in a sauce??? Thanks for prompt response.x

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try a lancashire hotpot itll save you doing spuds on the side because they are already in it you could so some carrots n stuff to go with it though make it go further you can also use cheaper cuts to make it less expensive
or make a beef casserole and if your going to eat the curry you could even cheat and make the stew with a packet or jar sauce they need never know;) and itll make it easier for you to cook for a large number of peeps


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I made a turkey stew on Friday and hubby went nuts over it, and has requested it again, frequently

I bought 2 turkey legs from Asda (£1.29 each) put them in my slow cooker on medium for about 4 hours, but you could boil it if you have a pan big enough. Once the meat is cooked, take it all off the bone and chop it up. throw in some chopped onions, carrots, chopped potatoes, peas, parsnips (I didn't add these cos I hate them) chopped up swede, any veg you like really and cover it all with water and add a chicken stock cube. Boil until the veggies are soft and then I thickened it with some chicken gravy granules. You can make it in advance and re-heat it later if you like, just make sure you re-heat it thorougly. Make some jacket spuds on the side or if you like, get large plate sized yorkshire puds and fill them with the stew. oh god, I've made myself hungry now LOL You can add or take out any of the veg/spuds if you don't want them in.

You could make the curry for the ones that like it, and stew for the ones that don't.


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Stew was going to be my one and only suggestion, i bung stewing steak in my slow cooker with pre prepared veg, water, gravy salt and soy sauce and cook all day - its ready by the time i get home and although wouldnt serve 25, would go along way!! x


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Huge pot of Chillie, huge pot of rice, huge pot of curry, people can choose between both and you can have some pita breads. For no pasta no spice person why not have jacket potatoes and a few different fillings, people could use chillie and curry for fillings too. You could make a whole batch of food for 25 which is totally sw friendly.


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hello there

hope u dont mind me adding some idea's, lol ........salad bowls, rice, spare ribs,quiches, chilli con carne, chicken curry, pizza's, pasta bake, jacket spuds, chopped veggies in a divider plate (not sure wot they are called (sorry)and you can buy various dips for them, oh and you can use bread sticks too with dips,chicken drumsticks,selection of cheeses - hth, just a few ideas , as most of the ideas u can mix and match - have a gr8 time xx julie x

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lol, What about jackets with assorted things for toppings, tuna, cheese, ham, beans, with cold meats and salads, everything can be done in advance apart from the spuds. Or if you wanted to do stews/chillis you could do a couple of big potato bakes. Or do what nigella does and cook a big lambs leg, and everyone helps themselves!!