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cooking for family whilst on LL


Living the Life
Once I am in ketosis it does not worry me but the first week I cook as simply as possible.

In ketosis I enjoy cooking although I am not going to eat the food. Some say cook things you dont particularly like.
I've been on LL for 3 days now and have cooked everyday. I think there is no point hiding away from food , You just have to get used to it, it seems that everywhere you look there's food. I haven't really found it that bad though, the smell is lovely and does the trick for me!

i seem to cook better meals and bake a lot !! my 3 teenagers understand some times i sit down with them sometimes i don't !!
Lola don't worry about it, it's not as bad as you think it will be. I've do more cooking when I'm on the diet than I do when I'm not - my hubby and kids think it's great as they're getting much better meals.


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Hi Lola

the first 2 weeks I cooked stuff that I don't like and then it just doesn't bother me now, like others have said, I cook more now than before and healthier meals too.

I think you will be just fine.
I cook for them and it is easy. Just cook things you don't like and don't be tempted to 'try' a nibble 3)

I have a bth when they are eating - or if its something in the oven I will clear off and leave them to dish up!

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