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Cooking Frenzy


Finding inspiration
It's been a week of eating as and when I can, and I haven't been as disciplined as normal, and I put on a pound this week.:cry: So I decided to rein myself back in again.

I drove to Tesco this morning with my Slimming World magazine on the passenger seat and when I got there, I looked through at some of the recipes. I decided the best way to make sure I'm following the plan was to prepare some meals, and some new ones that I haven't tried yet. There's so many recipes in the magazine, it's difficult to run out of things to try. So I chose a few recipes and made my shopping list accordingly. I went in and bought only what was on my list.

I've been home a couple hours and in that time, I have made Lamb Rogan Josh, Beef Goulash and Cock-a-Leekie Soup. The first two are in the oven slow cooking and the soup is simmering on the hob as we speak. It was a bit of effort to get it all done, but I will now portion all these off and freeze them and have meals for ages now. No excuses for me to say I didn't have time to make a proper meal now!

Just thought I'd share this as I'm feeling an enormous sense of achievement and very glad that I have made the effort to keep myself on track. :D Maybe it will help someone else who is having trouble keeping the momentum going.:)
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Finding inspiration
Well, I just stirred the Rogan Josh (which obviously necessitates spoon lickage) and it tastes lovely. And the cock-a-leekie was ready so I am having a bowl of it now while I get ready for my gig tonight... and I have to say, it's very tasty indeed. And considering it's a 'one pot wonder', literally you just throw everything in the pot and simmer (no sauteeing anything beforehand), I'm very impressed!
I wish i liked veg and soup, it would make my life so much easier, unfortunatly they tend to bring forward memories of the horrors from my childhood soggy yukky veg and being forcefed chicken soup, yuk!
Mmn the cock-a-leekie soup is lush isn't it, I've got two portions in the freezer already but I'm going to make another batch this weekend along with some borscht (beetroot soup, for green days as it has potato in).

Just had slow cooked lamb done with onions and carrots with chopped toms, stock and rosemary... oh my god it was heavenly, why do I forget how yummy the cooking lark is? lol When I go offplan I end up living on crappy ready meals and pizza that just gets wolfed down without tasting it, it's mad.
ooh....it all sounds yummy!!! let us know how the goulash turns out - I'm thinking of making that......just made garlic chicken lasagne (which was yum yum yum yum....with syn free chips!) and I've made the panna cottas that were in this months sw mag...they're in the fridge setting but think I might not like them as I remembered not liking cardamon when I was crushing them...oh well - they're free so its worth a try!!!


Finding inspiration
It all turned out lovely. I've just had a bowl of the cock-a-leekie for a late breakfast/early lunch, and I've put a portion of the lamb rogan josh in the fridge for my tea later. The rest is portioned off in the freezer. But of course I did taste them all when they were cooked and they are all very tasty.

The lamb and the beef, I didn't simmer then on the hob like the recipe says, I put them in casserole dishes and just stuck them in the oven on a low Gas 3 and just left them for a few hours while I did other things, stirred them maybe once during that time. They cooked slowly and the meat all went really tender and the flavours really come together well. I was out at a gig last night, so I just took them out of the oven in their covered casserole dishes and let them go cold overnight. Then portioned them off this morning. My freezer is full of delightful food now! :D
that soup sounds yum can you send me the recipe?


taking one day at a time
ooh yummy will ahve look in the magazine .I love soup and curry well doen you for doing all that :)
The Rogan Josh is delicious!!! Ive made it before! Well done for being so organised Hun!
If you fancy coming around to mine later to do a Delia number, please feel free!!!

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