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Cooking!----not for the starving among u


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For my first 3 weeks on CD my house was literally a food free zone except for my little boys food. But for the past two days I've had my brother and his partner stay with me while they r in the middle of moving house and i think i've turned into Nigella Lawson-- I would have said Delia but I think i'm sexier than that hahaha
Anyway last night i made them, steak with peppercorn sauce, dophinoise potatoes and asparagus tips, today for lunch i've just made then a southern fried chicken sandwich with garlic mayo and hand cut chips, and tonight im making them my special recipe spicy lasagne with garlic ciabatta home baked bread! I've never cooked or wanted to cook so much in my whole life but i am finding it sooooooo theraputic!! Even tho i can't eat it, I love making it and watching others enjoy it! I was wondering if any of you have any good chilli or curry recipes as this will be my next dish! I think i've went food mad!! and im not even tasting it!!!!!!
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has started again!!
I went through this "cooking" thing when I did LL last year. MY then LLC said it was called "tranference" and it meant I was transferring my need/desire for food into cooking etc for the family!!

It made little difference, and they were very happy to get all the hot buttered scones, Easter biscuits etc etc I could produce!!

I also became addicted to (& still am) tv cookery shows and food mags! I subscribe to Good Food and I love reading it & discovering new things and ideas!!

Good on you for cooking & not tasting too!! Well done!!


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I fond the cooking thing ok. I don't cook but my husband does. It's all in the head. I just say to myself, "I don't eat food" as i would also say, "I don't drink gin".


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I too have been like this from the start of CD. Have always loved cooking and hate eating ready made c**p. :sign0137:

But i have gone into overdrive now and prepare LOADS of stuff, freeze it, take cakes into work, give it to my family!! They're all loving it!! Also addicted to UKTV Food channel, subscribe to Good Food and Olive mags, and my bookshelves are groaning under the weight of all my cook books! I am learning to cook ALOT healthier though and the only trouble i find is not being able to taste the food as i'm going! Have managed so far tho!!

Well done you on surviving this weekend - I know its hard for some but its great when you enjoy cooking for others. Makes life ALOT easier!!

Kj xxx
My house has been a food free zone too :) so I've not done any cooking but I've been obsessed with talking about food at any and all opportunities :) I'm always asking people what they had for dinner, I've not been overly tempted to break the diet, but I just cannot get enough of food programs, browsing the shops, talking about it LOL, glad to know I am not the only one

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